Kim Kardashian ‘Controlling’ Kanye West, ‘He’s Like A Puppet’ Says Source

Kim Kardashian is allegedly “controlling” husband Kanye West’s gigs and appearances following his meltdown last year in an attempt to prevent him from doing any further damage to the Kardashian brand.

According to reports, amid the divorce rumors that have plagued the couple for the last few months, Kardashian has reportedly taken the reins in her marriage and is making sure her husband does everything her way or the highway.

Sources close to the couple are alleging that Kim now has “complete control” over Kanye following his meltdown and hospitalization for mental issues last year and claimed that West is supposedly more like Kardashian’s “puppet” than her husband.

“Kanye is like Kim’s puppet right now and he does whatever she says,” a source close to the Kardashian family told Radar Online after months of reports suggesting that Kim and Kanye could be heading for divorce.

Kim Kardashian reportedly "controlling" Kanye West to avoid divorce

The Kardashian insider even went on to allege to the site that Kim supposedly even helps to work out West’s schedule and has been approving his every move as of late in an attempt to avoid another meltdown.

“She not only makes his schedule for him, but she tells him when and where he can go,” alleged the source of Kim. “Kanye is not really allowed to do anything without asking her for permission.”

“It is opposite of what it used to be like, but Kim likes having the power in their relationship now,” added the Kardashian insider of how the reality stars’ relationship with her husband has developed following their seriously rocky 2016.

As for why Kim has allegedly decided to take over in their marriage, Radar Online’s source said that Kardashian is worried that West’s erratic behaviour and appearances, which included him having a meeting with Donald Trump last year, have been seriously detrimental to her brand.

Kanye West is reportedly "like a puppet" with Kim Kardashian

“Kim Kardashian is just terrified that Kanye West will do more damage to her brand,” the site’s source said of why Kardashian is allegedly now in charge in their marriage, revealing that she’s hoping to prevent her husband from heading for another meltdown.

Though Kim and Kanye have not spoken out regarding the rumours claiming Kardashian now has “complete control” of West following his November meltdown, this isn’t the first time it’s been reported that Kim is worried that her husband’s behavior has put herself and her family members in a bad light after People claimed the “passion” had gone from their two year marriage.

Life & Style alleged last year that Kim was on the verge of filing for divorce from West following his meltdown, reporting that his bizarre behavior in 2016 was pushing her towards leaving her husband.

“This isn’t what Kim signed up for when she married Kanye. She’s done,” an insider alleged at the time, adding that Kardashian was reportedly “ready to divorce him” and had been telling friends she believed his “actions are hurting [her] brand.”

Kim Kardashian reportedly has "complete control" of Kanye West after breakdown

However, in the weeks that followed the rampant divorce rumors, reports claimed that Kanye and Kim had had a number of frank discussions about their marriage and stated that West had allegedly “convinced” Kardashian to stay married and work on their relationship.

Us Weekly reported in January that West had “convinced” Kim to give their marriage another try despite months of rumors claiming the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was ready for a divorce, claiming that Kardashian was unaware of how much of Kanye’s bizarre behavior that dominated headlines in 2016 came from his mental health struggles.

The magazine also revealed that Kardashian and West had supposedly been undergoing intense couples therapy that had “allowed them to reconnect” and possibly save their marriage.

“When [West is] doing the things his therapists tell him to do, [Kim] is so much happier,” the Kardashian insider said.

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