‘Pokemon GO’ Event For Valentine’s Day: Fill Your Pokedex Before Time Runs Out.

The mobile app Pokemon Go was an immediate sensation when it first debuted in July of 2016. Crowds in large cities stampeded, and people found themselves accidentally falling off of cliffs, just to catch rare and elusive Pokemon breeds. The Buzz behind Pokemon Go has been dying down and Niantic will need to reinvent it in order to keep it alive through these colder months. Holiday events are one surefire way to rekindle interest, even if just for a few days. Niantic held one such event for Halloween this past fall, and a Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day Event is currently underway.

Potentially the biggest benefit of the Valentine’s Day event is double candy. This double candy offer allows you to save up for all of those evolutions that are still missing from your Pokedex. Take care to use the limited time of this event effectively to reach your specific goals. As Forbes stated in their report, it’s imperative to “choose a good buddy. It might finally be time to level that Magikarp, or maybe you want to progress that ever-elusive Dragonite.”

Since more Pokemon means more candy, if you have been saving up your incense or incubators, now is the perfect time to use them, taking advantage of the double candy portion of this event. If you’re one of those people who has slowed down their play time because your goal of evolving has been hanging over you and seems like an impossible feat, this is the perfect time to go after it.

Keeping with a traditional Valentine’s Day color theme, another benefit of the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event is an increase of pink Pokemon. Pink Pokemon have an increased hatch rate during this timed event. If you still need some of these in your Pokedex, loading up on extra incubators may be a good idea. According to Forbes, players have confirmed examples of pink Pokemon which are available during the Valentine’s Day event.

These Pokemon breeds include Clefable, Porygon, Clefairy, Exeggcute, Jigglypuff, Slowpoke, and Slowbrow. Certain Pokemon are only available through hatching. Pokemon available through hatch only include second generation Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum. Other ultra-rare breeds to be found or hatched during this Valentine’s Day event include Lickitung, Porygon, Wigglytuff and Chansey.

An extended time limit on lures is another key feature this Valentine’s Day. Lures will now last six hours instead of 30 minutes. When everyone and their brother was playing Pokemon Go, lure farming was all the rage. The tell-tale confetti around a Pokestop signals the existence one of the game’s biggest boosts. You can use someone else’s lure or use up some of those unused Pokecoins in the shop. Of course, you could always purchase more as well.

According to statistics accumulated by DMR, Pokemon Go, after its release, had some of the highest levels of growth and player engagement of any game in mobile gaming history. The game has peaked, however, it is still showing some pretty impressive statistics.

Pokemon Go game play is currently treading water. The Press Herald reported that Steve Jones, a communications professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, suggests that Niantic could change the fate of the game by adding social elements in order to keep people interested. “Young people are used to doing social media and there isn’t really messaging as part of the game,” said Jones.

Events such as the current Valentine’s Day event may be successful in keeping players active, but if the Pokemon Go app wishes to reach top levels again this spring, a major update may be required. Until that time, hopefully, you are able to fill your Pokedex by taking advantage of this special event.

[Featured Image by Brendon Thorne / Stringer/Getty Images]