‘Bronco Bama’ Girl Abigael Evans Happy With Election Results [Video]

Abigael Evans — the little girl who told her mother she was tired of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney — is relieved the election is over, and is happy the president won.

In a video posted after the election, Abbie’s mom tells the 4-year-old, “Guess what? The election is over.” Abbie asks, “Who’s gonna be the president,” to which her mother responds, “Bronco…” Abbie finishes the name and says, “Bama, yay.”

The video has received over 100,000 views so far.

Abbie’s mom, Elizabeth Evans, thanked supporters and expressed her own relief with the results of the election. She wrote:

“Telling Abbie the results of the election. Thank you all for such wonderful support! Abbie is a most amazing little girl–brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious. I am so proud of her, and cannot believe how privileged I am to have her as my daughter. This has been a fun ride, and we are amazed at all that has happened. I am very pleased knowing that Barack Obama will continue to lead our beautiful country, and look forward to the incredible future ahead of us!”

Abbie Evans quickly captivated the country — and even the world — when she expressed exasperation over too many mentions of the election. Her mother promised her the election would be over soon, and Abbie tearfully accepted the news. The original video has been viewed over 16 million times and has received over 38,000 likes on YouTube.

NPR apologized to the little girl shortly after the video was posted, and confessed that the campaign had gone on long enough for them as well.

“Let’s just keep telling ourselves: ‘Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more days,’ ” they said.