Is Angelina Jolie Dating Jared Leto?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been front page headline news ever since the actress announced she would be filing for divorce from the Allied star back in September of 2016. The news came as a shock, and even more shocking was the FBI investigation against Brad Pitt for child abuse, that followed.

The actor has since been cleared of any allegations, but the drama continued on while the couple battled it out in the courtroom for their six children and while they tried to reach a divorce agreement. It wasn’t until both stars agreed to seal court documents that headlines about nasty court happenings halted.

However, since this point, there have been a few new stories and details that have surfaced that have kept the former A-list couple as top news in the entertainment world. While Brad has been rumored to be dating Kate Hudson, a claim which has not been verified, Angelina has most recently been reportedly seeing actor and musician Jared Leto.

Yahoo relays details that have been shared by a source close to the actress regarding the two.

“Friends of the star have revealed that Angie, 41, has been secretly hooking up with Jared Leto, who she’s known for close to two decades. The pair first met while filming Girl, Interrupted, but apparently the two actors really connected when filming Alexander in 2003.”

The source went on to state that Leto has been a great source of support to Jolie while she has gone through proceedings of the difficult divorce and custody battle with Pitt.

“They’ve stayed friendly all these years and they really have chemistry. Jared is putting the smile back on Ange’s face. He’s exactly what she needs right now. He called her to make sure she was okay, and over the next few weeks they spoke a lot.”

The publication also reminds of the two performers’ history and the rumors that were rampant back in 2004, when Angelina shared she had “taken a lover” while the two were filming Alexander.“We talk about life and politics, share books. Now he’s one of the greatest friends I have,” Jolie said in an interview at the time. It’s not fully known whether it was Leto or not, but it is very likely that the star was the “lover” Angelina referred to.

At the time, Brad Pitt was still married to Friends star Jennifer Aniston, but it was only six months later that he and Jolie teamed up in Mr & Mrs Smith and their own fling began and continued on as a 12-year relationship and a two-year marriage. Angelina then became known as the other woman who brought an end to the marriage of Jen and Brad and the new couple earned the unified name Brangelina in the media. Recently, however, filmmaker Ian Halperin has stepped forward with details about a Brangelina tell-all documentary he is working on and preparing to release.

When discussing the details of the documentary, Halperin insisted that he will reveal dark secrets and unknown facts about the former couple. One such detail is that Jen and Brad had been estranged long before Brad and Angelina began their affair, and therefore the UN envoy and humanitarian was not the reason for the split.

Halperin has been very open about the project that he insists will portray a very balanced view of Brad and Angelina, while demonstrating that both were responsible for the demise of their relationship. Additionally, the Canadian filmmaker also dropped the bombshell that Brangelina had been estranged for more than a year prior to Angelina’s September divorce announcement that shocked the world.

The Wrap confirmed that the documentary is a go and notes that Pitt’s reps declined to comment on the project while Jolie’s reps have yet to respond.

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