Adam Levine ‘Angry’ At Blake Shelton Amid ‘The Voice’ Quitting Rumors

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s rivalry on The Voice appears to be heating up as rumors continue to swirl that Season 12 could be Levine and Shelton’s last.

As Adam and Blake gear up for the new season of the singing show to hit NBC later this month, Shelton and Levine are making it pretty clear that they won’t exactly be toning down their rivalry amid reports that they could be ready to sit out Season 13 after sources claimed that their competitiveness hit boiling point last year.

Blake, Adam, Gwen Stefani, and Alicia Keys have all been speaking out about what fans can expect from the upcoming round of The Voice recently, and it sounds like there could be drama ahead after Alicia revealed that she and her fellow coaches are actually “angry” at Blake.

“We’re all against Blake pretty much, because we’re angry at him,” Keys recently told the Insider of how The Voice coaches, including Gwen and Adam, are all against Shelton. “The three of us are totally one thousand percent against Blake.”

Blake Shelton, Carson Daly & Adam Levine appear at '2013 Winter TCA Tour' for 'The Voice'

Alicia appeared to be joking when she made her “angry” remarks in the new interview, despite recent reports of a feud ripping through the current panel of The Voice coaches, though Shelton did then hit back by admitting that things could get nasty when The Voice returns to screens this month.

“She’s had a little bit of a taste of it,” Blake then said of Gwen, making it clear that he won’t be going easy on Stefani on the upcoming season of The Voice just because the two are dating. “I think she’s also got a score to settle with me and with all the coaches, honestly. Make no mistake we’re all here to win this thing,” Shelton added.

Amid reports claiming Blake and Adam may allegedly be considering quitting the show after Season 13, potentially to make way for an all-female coaching panel, Keys also admitted in the new The Voice teaser trailer that the entire coaching panel, Levine included, are already getting seriously competitive and won’t be afraid to get personal when it comes to landing their acts.

“I don’t think there are any boundaries when the coaches make their teams,” Alicia Keys said of how she, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton are ready to get seriously competitive in the upcoming episodes of The Voice per BuddyTV. “Anything goes!”

Adam also revealed that he’s about to get competitive with his co-coaches, particularly his longtime rival Shelton, who he’s sat alongside for what will be 12 consecutive seasons of The Voice.

“We get competitive,” Adam admitted of himself and Shelton, “but it’s more about nurturing these people and their dreams.”

The latest admission that Alicia, Adam, and Gwen are all ready to take down Shelton on the upcoming round of The Voice comes just months after reports claimed last year that Adam and Blake’s competitiveness could have gotten the better of them following the Season 11 finale back in December.

Radar Online alleged last year that there was supposedly “serious animosity” between Levine and Shelton on The Voice set, claiming that the Adam and Blake’s rivalry allegedly seriously boiled over after Shelton won the show with Sundance Head.

Blake Shelton & Adam Levine's rivalry heats up on 'The Voice'

Though all appeared good between the longtime coaches on-screen, sources behind the scenes alleged to the site that “Adam did not congratulate Blake” after the twosome left the stage following Sundance’s win, claiming that “Blake was apparently trying to rub his win in everyone’s face.”

Though neither Levine nor Shelton ever confirmed the feud accusations, a The Voice insider then went on to allege at the time that Adam allegedly accused Blake of “rigging” the show, and claimed that Shelton supposedly hit back at Levine by telling his longtime fellow The Voice coach “that he was just a sore loser.”

“Adam Levine does not like losing – especially to Blake Shelton,” added The Voice insider.

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