Kendall Jenner Posts New Instagram Featuring Her Naked In Different Fashion

Kendall Jenner is embracing a new form of nakedness on Instagram and it does not involve taking off her clothes but rather nakedness when it comes to shoes.

Jenner seems to have taken up a lot of interest in the new naked shoe trend that seems to be sweeping the Kardashian family. Kylie is the latest member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan to take up the trend. Her big sister Kim was spotted rocking the same trend while going on a dinner date with Kourtney while in Costa Rica.

Naked Kendall Jenner in a different fashion
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The see-through shoe

Kendall took to social media to show off her beautiful feet which were clearly visible through the pair of see-through boots that she was wearing.The only part of her feet that was not visible was the toes and that is because there were silver straps covering them. The 21-year-old seems to be so interested in the naked shoe trend.

"DropOne @kendallandkylie coming soon," Kendall captioned the snap.

Kylie reveals she does not mind posing in nude outfits

Kylie's love for the naked shoe trend comes after she recently announced that she does not mind wearing nude outfits. She was spotted out and about while clad in a sheet top just a few days ago and she also happened not to be wearing a bra underneath. However, she made sure that her breasts were protected by nipple pasties. She had also been spotted in a riskier see-through outfit just a few weeks before that and she opted to show off her nipple piercings.

Kendall might not be as controversial as her younger sister Kylie when it comes to raunchy Instagram posts but she recently faced backlash from fans due to her bizarre fashion sense. The beautiful model caused controversy after she posted an Instagram photo of herself while clad in bikini bottoms that seemed to be imitating pubic hair. The photo was part of a Love Magazine photo shoot. The bikini bottoms that the 21-year-old wore had a black fringe that hung from the crotch and it ended up causing some negative chatter from some of her fans.

Kendall's sister Khloe came to her rescue by calling out and insulting the Instagram users that attacked the young model's choice of attire. However, it is easy to see why Khloe was angry at some of the comments that were made. Some of the fans were outright rude.

"Looks like Kendall has been straightening her pubes," one of Kendall's fans wrote in the comment section under the Instagram post.

Naked Kendall Jenner in a different fashion
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The photo featured the model standing behind a red car. The snap focused on her mid-section so as to highlight her maroon-colored bikini bottoms and the interesting design. The photo also showed off her incredibly lean body including her tight toned tummy which was easily the highlight of her model physique. Her hands were also in the snap, with her fingers spread out. She also had a cigarette on tucked between her fingers.

Despite the terrible comments that Kendall received, the Instagram snap received an overwhelming response with millions of views. Even Kylie receives negative comments in her posts though she does not let it bother her. Kendall did not respond to the negative comments perhaps because her big sister Khloe already did it on her behalf.

Meanwhile, it was interesting to see that the 21-year-old is taking her love for going nude to a whole new level. Kylie's love for nude shoes and the fact that she posted them on Instagram will most likely lead to a trend that will quickly catch on with women.

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