‘Revolution’ Episode 108: ‘Ties That Bind’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of Revolution, “Ties that Bind,” has both sides making tough decisions for those they love.

Last week Charlie and the others successfully rescued a group of teenagers kidnapped by the militia and forced to become recruits.

Miles discovered that Aaron is in possession of a power pendant, which is something that Monroe would love to get his hands on.

This week opened with the group walking into a trap after trying to bribe their way across a militia-controlled bridge in Freeport, Pennsylvania.

Miles realizes that they must have attracted the attention of Sergeant Strausser, the most feared man in the militia.

They are able to hide and avoid capture, and Strausser brutally stabs the soldier who lost them. Just as they are about to make an escape, Strausser plays his trump card and reveals he has taken Nora’s sister, Mia, captive.

Unless Nora gives up her friends, Strausser is going to kill her.

Revolution Episode 108 Ties That Bind

While the group tries to figure out how to rescue Mia from Strausser, Tom finds out that Monroe has imprisoned his son Jason for trying to find Strausser’s whereabouts.

Last week Jason was upset to learn that Monroe had deployed Strausser to go after Charlie. Fearing for Charlie’s safety, he expressed his fear of Strausser becoming involved because the man has such a brutal reputation.

Jason was punished by his father for speaking up, but he chose to take matters into his own hands and was caught trying to get information out of a stable hand.

Tom angrily storms into Monroe’s office demanding to know why his son is being beaten in jail. Monroe offers him two choices: either Jason is sent packing on a potentially dangerous diplomatic mission to California, or he stays in Philadelphia and faces execution for treason.

It looks like both the enemy and our heroes are faced with troubling decisions in this week’s Revolution, “Ties that Bind.” Do they remain loyal to their chosen sides or risk betraying their respective allies for the sake of their family’s safety?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Revolution? Are you excited for next week’s Led Zeppelin soundtrack?