‘Vikings’ Season 5 Details, Trailer And Episode 1 Release Date

Vikings Season 5 will feature 20 episodes and has a release date slated for this year 2017. It is unclear whether the episodes will be split into part 1 and part 2 as with Season 4. However, some fans suggest that the first ten episodes of Vikings Season 5 will air this year while the second half will be released the following year.

Season 5 of Vikings has a trailer and the showrunner and creator Michael Hirst gave Variety magazine some details about Episode 1:

“Ivar’s in a special position, he always has been. I think if memory serves Season 5 begins with the burial of Sigurd, and Ivar is weeping and saying he never meant to do it. But his murder of Sigurd splits the brothers — they split up into different camps. A large part of the next season will be about, will it be like this great Roman conflict after Caesar’s death, the great Roman civil wars with Brutus and Cassius and Octavian? These people are playing for possession of the known world. It’s not like a little local fight — these are huge territories. The Great Army has conquered a huge part of England. How do we behave now? That’s what Season 5 opens with.”

The series is making a statement that it is a drama rather than a historical documentary by killing off legendary Viking Sigurd. While the series keeps plenty of historical content, it is a drama first and Sigurd death will be a reoccurring theme in Season 5 of Vikings.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character Heahmund was introduced in the Season 4 finale. He is a Saxon Bishop who has already crossed the line morally by sleeping with a widow in his short introduction. Irish actor Darren Cahill is also joining the cast of Vikings Season 5.

The Season 5 trailer or sneak peek gives us a lot of details about what to expect with the new generation of Vikings led by Ragnar’s sons, Flocki and Lagertha are still around from the last generation and will play a key role in the next season.

The trailer features Ivar being knocked off his chariot during what seems like a battle or training. The Seer is also featured talking about the consequences of Ragnar’s death stating that it is not done. Recent reports suggest that Travis Fimmel will not be returning – not even as a ghost of spirit. However, Ragnar will still be referenced due to his sons and others he left behind.

Ivar is also clearly shaken up about murdering Sigurd during one of his violent rages. It will play a key role in shaping up his character. He is someone that is evil and dangerous in the Viking sagas and his character so far has reflected that in the series. It is likely that Vikings Season 5 will feature a more feared Ivar that is distanced further from his brothers.

There will likely be more battles in Wessex as it is a vast land and Flocki seems to be in Iceland on his solo conquest. It is unclear how long Flocki will hang around; however, he is a great sea explorer and may be connected to the main story.

Vikings Season 5 trailer shows that Kattegat will be engulfed in a war with King Herald Finehair who is destined to be King of Norway – at least in the sagas. The Seer also prophecies that Lagertha will be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. However, the sneak peek shows her and Ubbe sharing a drink, which is curious.

Heahmund and Ivar are likely to have a feud in Vikings Season 5 and will be trying to outsmart each other in several battles throughout the season.

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[Featured Image by Jonathan Hession/History Channel]