Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Divorce From Lamar Odom With Cake And New Passport

Khloe Kardashian is officially a single woman and has a new passport to prove it. The 32-year-old recently updated her passport with her “new” last name as her divorce from Lamar Odom was finalized, and her team decided to celebrate with a cake.

Of course, the cake featured Khloe’s new driver license sans her married last name and a handful of candles. Kim Kardashian was on-hand to share videos of Khloe blowing out the candles as she excitedly showed off the cake.

Kim was most excited about the “weight” section of the driver license where Khloe’s assistants filled it in with “skinny b****.”

E! News reported on Khloe’s celebration as she happily shared the moment with fans.

“More than two months after officially finalizing her divorce from Lamar Odom, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star found herself needing an updated passport.”

The site also quoted what Kim had to say about her sister’s divorce cake as she shared videos on social media.

“Look what Khloe’s assistants got for her because she got a new passport,” Kim Kardashian shared on Snapchat Thursday evening. “Without her old last name. It’s her new last name and look at the weight you guys.”

Khloe had shared a photo of the cake to her Snapchat account, but an emoji heart covered the address portion. However, the address is visible in Kim’s posts, which led fans to believe the Kardashian had just shared her sister’s address.

“Her address is on there.. yikes.. khloe covered it up in her photo.”

But that wasn’t the case as Kim cleared up on Twitter.

“I did not just show Khloe’s address on my snap chat! It says Freedom Lane people!!!” Kim shared on Twitter. “It’s a joke!”

Khloe Kardashian celebrates name change after divorce from Lamar Odom finalized

Indeed, the address was listed as “13 Freedom Lane” as it made a statement about Khloe’s current marital status. E! News went on to state that even though Khloe is excited to finally end her rocky marriage to Lamar, the pair said they will always be friends.

“Khloe and Lamar were married for seven years before ending their relationship. According to a source, the pair will always remain friends even if they don’t talk as frequently as before.”

And while it may seem a bit odd for Khloe to be publicly celebrating the end of her seven-year marriage, E! News reports the divorce marks an end to the chapter for the Kardashian.

“There will always be a deep affection there for one another, but both of them have moved on,” our insider shared. “This divorce provides a natural end to that chapter in their life.”

Kardashian’s fans loved seeing her happy and celebrating the end of her unhealthy marriage as she showed off the surprise cake.

“Congratulations Khloe Dropped your last name ‘Odom.'”

Other fans pointed out that the Kardashian family seems to have cakes for any and every occasion.

Khloe Kardashian celebrates name change after divorce from Lamar Odom finalized

“Ok… it is not her birthday. Cakes for any occasion.”

While fans are congratulating Khloe on the name change, Entertainment Tonight called the cake “savage.”

“Khloe Kardashian got a new passport and she celebrated the grand occasion with a massive, hilarious cake.”

The site adds that Khloe updated her identification with new photos showcasing her thinner look as she also updated her last name to reflect her recent divorce.

“…reality star updated her passport and driver’s license with a new photo showing off her more svelte physique and her original name, sans Odom — so she got a cake decorated to look like her new license.”

It seems Khloe has plenty to celebrate as she finalized her dragged out divorce and starts a new romance with Tristan Thompson.

“Khloe and Lamar’s divorce was officially finalized in December, and Khloe has been dating NBA star Tristan Thompson for several months.”

[Featured Image by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images]