Superstorm Sandy After Hurricane Favorites: Pizza And Sliders

The devastation felt by Superstorm Sandy continues, yet residents throughout New York have found a unique and delicious way to deal with their sorrows. Local and out of town restaurants have been donating some popular favorites including pizzas, sliders, Italian sandwiches, and other forms of deliciousness.

Realizing the need for food, Boston pizza house Otto Pizza delivered 5,000 pizza’s to Howard Beach last weekend. According to co-owner Anthony Allen in an interview with Eater:

“We can’t rebuild houses, but we can, at least, feed a few thousand people some hot pizza. That’s why we’re doing it: because we can.”

Given the long distance to deliver the pizzas, the team at Otto Pizza warned up the food on a grill before serving it.

In another big time donation, the Brooklyn restaurant Seersucker cooked up 1,000 roast pork sliders. The sliders accounted for 175 pounds of heritage Berkshire pig.

It hasn’t just been restaurants serving up food. The New York City Food Truck Association has delivered more than 28,000 meals throughout New Jersey, Staten Island, and Brooklyn.

Residents are also getting in on the act, donating 2,000 square feet worth of food, clothes, and cleaning supplies to those in need.

Even farmers are donating their crops. Taft Farms in Great Barrington, Massachusetts has donated 5,000 pounds worth of Heirloom Squash to chef David Bouley who in turn has been creating a Chestnut Soup to be donated to residents.

Food, water, clothing, and shelter are at the top of many Superstorm Sandy victims lists. With the help of local restaurants and out of town donations, food is slowly sliding down that list of shortages.