2016 Election Results: Growing Fears Of Donald Trump Over The Popular Vote

The 2016 election results – at least when it comes to the popular vote – seems to be a difficult pill for Donald Trump to swallow. His defeat by almost 3,000,000 votes means Trump entered the White House with less apparent legitimacy than any president in history. As noted by The Associated Press, a good deal of Trump’s railing against the news media probably results from his desire to be seen as a “legitimate president.”

Donald Trump pointing Uncle Sam style. He wants you to ignore the 2016 election results.

Donald Trump and the Popular Vote

The 2016 election results have also called into question the Electoral College system, especially given this is the second time in 16 years that a Republican has entered the White House with fewer votes than his opponent. Although at least with Bush, the numerical difference was much smaller.

Yet, despite the reality of the situation, Trump and his staff have tried to spin the election results with alternative facts to make it look like Donald Trump received a mandate for transforming the government when he barely made it into the White House at all.

Obama leaves with high popularity as Trump comes in losing popular vote in 2016 election results.

The truth of this, along with his minuscule inauguration attendance numbers, seems to be grating on Trump as he sits in the Oval Office. Certainly, his endless tweets on the subject of the news media not respecting him suggest that The Donald just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t recognize his greatness.

Before the 2016 Election

Results from polls taken just prior to the 2016 election suggested that despite the last minute intervention of the FBI in the person of James Comey in the election process, Hillary Clinton was a lock to win the presidency. As reported by CNN, Clinton herself has attributed her defeat in the electoral college to Director Comey’s actions.

Statements made by Donald Trump suggest he anticipated losing the election and was as surprised as anyone when the Electoral College results went his way. Perhaps, that’s why the incoming Trump administration transition team seemed so poorly prepared when it came time to name candidates for positions in the White House.

Donald Trump Inferiority Complex

Long before the results of the 2016 election came in, or even before he ran for president, Donald Trump had a tendency to boast about his wealth, achievements, and various wives. While on the surface, this might seem like a sign of tremendous self-confidence, most psychiatrists would see it as just the opposite.

Trump inauguration crowd thin following 2016 election results.

After all, do smart people really describe themselves as “really, really smart” the way Trump does? Does the average rich man, Bill Gates for instance, constantly rub everyone else’s nose in the fact that he has more money than them?

Donald Trump, despite his wealth and so-called celebrity status, seems to have long had a feeling of inferiority about himself, his accomplishments, and his own capabilities. His tendency to describe others as losers and to bully or fire anyone who disagrees with him is more evidence of this.

It’s this particular aspect of Donald Trump psychological and emotional makeup that makes it almost impossible for him to quietly accept the fact that the 2016 election results show him losing the popular vote by a wide margin. It seems to gnaw at him.

Women's march not accepting of 2016 election results.

The Dangers of Trump Compensation

As unfortunate, and perhaps even pathetic, as Donald Trump’s inferiority complex may be, there are reasons to be concerned about it beyond Donald Trump’s odd behavior and ranting 3 AM tweets. There’s always the chance that he will take actions as president designed to compensate for this sense of inferiority brought about by the 2016 election results.

Creating a major distraction in the public mind and garnering support for the president can sometimes be accomplished by going to war. Even opponents of a particular president will usually rally round the flag. George Bush found this to be the case 15 years ago. Given this, all of the recent saber-rattling against China and Iran is extremely alarming.

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