Florida Newlywed, 76, Shoots Bride As Payback For Not Having Sex With Him

A lawfully wedded Florida resident got extremely heated over what he claimed was an aspect of his cold marriage to a woman who wasn’t sexually attracted to him.

Leigh Acres inhabitant Donald Royce, 76, tied the knot with his 62-year-old wife in August of last year following a six-year courtship, as Elite Daily explains, but he hadn’t engaged in sexual intercourse with his spouse since before they were wed.

During a recent heated argument about their current sleeping arrangements, Royce, by his own admission, reached for a gun and opened fire on his unassuming bride, hitting her once in the buttock and again in her hip. The couple’s roommate, hearing the blasts, ran to their bedroom to assist the housemates and was met with Royce pointing the barrel of the weapon at his head.

In the midst of the incident, the wounded wife was able to convince her husband to call for medical assistance on her behalf, which he did.

When police arrived, Royce purportedly relayed the truth about what he had done.

“I shot her,” he allegedly said, “and the gun is in my room.”

Royce would later change his story and claim that he only intended to scare his wife with the gun, not harm her, by shooting at the mattress she laid on and not at her directly. Incidentally, while his wife was being transported to Lee Memorial Hospital for treatment of her wounds, Donald Royce was arrested and charged with aggravated battery. He is currently behind bars at the Lee County Jail, where he awaits trial on $100,000 bond.

One of the couples’ neighbors, April Bailey, couldn’t help but speak on the disturbing nature of the alleged shooter’s actions.

“Holy cow,” Ms. Bailey stated to FOX 4, “that’s ridiculous. A grown adult having a temper tantrum about sex! A woman should have a right to her own body, regardless of age or marriage status.”

Royce’s wife, who is now recuperating at home following the ordeal, also reached out to FOX 4 and expressed that she never believed that her husband was capable of such a dangerous act. She went on to say that despite the embarrassing undertone of her injuries, the matter of domestic violence is not something to laugh over and she hopes that her honesty will help others to get out of similar relationships.

In a related story, an Arizona woman was said to have stabbed her husband recently for refusing to take part in a threesome with an unidentified female.

Lake Havasu Police arrested and charged 42-year-old Teresa Gillard with aggravated assault for the January 12 stabbing of her boyfriend, as reported by the Daily Mail, after she attacked her long-term significant other over his disapproval over the unwanted tryst. Gillard’s partner reportedly told his girlfriend that he was physically ill from consuming several alcoholic drinks throughout the evening with Teresa and therefore unable to perform, which caused her to grab a pair of scissors and stab the adult male in his abdomen and arm.

During police interrogation, Gillard purportedly owned up to the fact that she slashed her lover in the arm, but not in his stomach, following his continued reneging of engaging in group sex with her. Gillard further expressed that her lover often requested to have threesomes, something she was very interested in, but never followed through on his repeated inquiries despite seeming wholly interested in the act himself.

After shooting the idea down that final time, the argument which led to her unnamed lover being stabbed was said to have included a threat to have Gillard thrown out of the household. The case surrounding the stabbing is still ongoing.

Donald Royce’s first court appearance for the shooting of his wife is currently scheduled for March 6.

[Featured Image by Lee County Jail]