Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: JBL Stereo Speakers, Dual-Cameras, And 6.2-In 4K Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is arguably one of the most compelling smartphones of 2017. Being a device that is designed to both fix and continue the legacy of its ill-fated predecessor, the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 8 has some pretty big shoes to fill. If recent leaks and rumors are any indication, however, it seems that Samsung has a very good plan in ensuring that the Note 8 becomes an undeniable success.

One of the trademark features of the Galaxy Note series is the devices’ formidable raw specs and innovative features. This is reflected in recent speculations about the Note 8, with rumors suggesting that the upcoming flagship phablet would feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830/835 chip and around 6GB to 8GB of RAM. These powerhouse specs are speculated to be paired with up to 256GB of storage and an upgraded S-Pen that would transform the Note series’ most iconic accessory into an even more capable productivity tool.

Of course, the fact that the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored for an official release around August 2017 is also one of the most interesting things about the upcoming smartphone. If these speculations prove true, the Galaxy Note 8 would be placed in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone 8, which is rumored for a September 2017 release. This is not all, however, as a number of new speculated features for the Note 8 have recently been teased.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to repair the damage to Samsung's reputation that resulted from the Note 7's battery problems.

The Galaxy Note 8 is arguably Samsung’s most powerful device yet, with speculations pointing to the upcoming flagship phablet being a multimedia powerhouse. With this in mind, rumors have pointed to the possibility of the Note 8 being equipped with a high-end speaker, according to a TrustedReviews report. These rumors actually have a lot of substance, especially since Samsung has acquired noted audio firm Harman Kardon in a recent $8 billion deal.

What is particularly interesting about the acquisition of the audio firm is the fact that JBL, one of the most prestigious brands in the mobile speaker industry, belongs to Harman Kardon. By acquiring the audio conglomerate, Samsung has all but gained exclusive access to Harman Kardon’s premium mobile audio systems. With this, it would not be surprising at all if the Galaxy Note 8 launches with stereo JBL speakers. Doing so is a strategic move for Samsung, especially since the quality of audio speakers in smartphones is something that very few firms seem to be focusing on.

Stereo JBL speakers might not be the only draw of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however, as numerous rumors also point to the possibility of the upcoming flagship device being equipped with a unique dual-camera system. Considering that the absence of two primary cameras in the ill-fated Note 7 was a very sore point for numerous Samsung fans in 2016, there is a very good chance that its successor, the Galaxy Note 8, would finally carry the revolutionary imaging feature.

The Galaxy Note 8 is speculated for an August 2017 release date.

The world of mobile photography has recently moved from a megapixel race to a competition in imaging mechanics. This shift was heralded by the emergence of the dual-camera system, which enables users to take photos with unique effects and unprecedented quality. Currently, the best camera smartphones in the market, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20, and even the Huawei P9 have all implemented a two-camera model, to much success. Samsung is yet to follow this new trend, and the Galaxy Note 8 might very well be the South Korean tech giant’s first device with the new camera system, according to a PCAdvisor report.

One particular rumor that has been received warmly by Samsung fans is the idea that the Galaxy Note 8 would be shipping with a 6.2-inch 4K screen. An improved display has long been rumored for the upcoming device, with speculations suggesting that the Note 8 would feature a vastly improved display from its predecessor. With the mobile market’s thrust towards mobile VR technology, the Note 8’s rumored 4K screen would be one of the device’s strongest selling points. Coupled with a brand new screen design, the Galaxy Note 8’s rumored 4K display would truly be a stunner.

The Galaxy Note 8 is arguably Samsung’s most important flagship device to date. With the upcoming device set for release within the next half of 2017, there is a very good chance that the Note 8 might very well be the handset to beat. If rumors prove accurate, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would have enough power and features to completely dominate the competition in the mobile market this year. Samsung’s rivals in the smartphone market would be wise to be careful.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]