‘Paranormal Lockdown’ Investigates The Eerie Malvern Manor [Spoilers]

This week on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman have some intense experiences as they spend 72 hours investigating paranormal reports at Malvern Manor. Located in the small town of Malvern, Iowa, this building has quite the history. Family-owned, it was the first hotel built in the 1880s and was originally called the Cottage Hotel.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that the 10,000- square-foot hotel eventually went through a handful of owners. In the middle of the 20th century, the home was converted into a home for the mentally ill and later served as a group home. Former patients are said to be haunting Malvern Manor, and rumors began to circulate of strange occurrences in the building including reports of moans, screams, disembodied voices, shadow figures, and the distinct feeling of being watched.

“I feel like all these people are watching me,” Katrina stated when she entered the building for the first time on Paranormal Lockdown. “Like I’m not really supposed to be there.”

As they walk through the building on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick feels a connection to a spirit known as Gracie, and he believes that her memories are still lingering in her room. He could sense an energy and a sense of confusion, and he definitely wants to learn more. A sneak-peek video of Paranormal Lockdown reveals the team uncovering more intriguing evidence, and Katrina feels as though someone is watching her again while they are attempting to contact Inez. On Paranormal Lockdown, Rob Saffi’s camera battery is suddenly drained, and Nick feels as though he’s walked right through some type of static electricity. Previous investigators have reported all types of physical reactions to the paranormal energy in the home including feeling faint, nauseous, dizzy, and more.

Week in Weird shared that a dark, inhuman presence is often felt and seen by paranormal investigators as well. This entity is believed to have been drawn to the building due to the years of negative energy generated by abuse and neglect during the years that Malvern Manor was functioning as a place that housed both mentally and physically disabled patients. Both the staff and patients have shared horror stories about what went on in the facility, and paranormal investigators believe that is why there are so many strange spirits residing there. The Paranormal Lockdown team will try to determine exactly who or what the dark energy is that resides within the spooky halls of Malvern Manor.

On Paranormal Lockdown, Katrina and Nick will also be looking into the tragic story of Inez Gibson, a 12-year-old girl who died in Malvern Manor. When Inez’s parents divorced, her Aunt and Uncle adopted both her and her younger brother, Otto. One day her mother notified the family in writing that she would be coming to get Inez and Otto in the summer. The young girl stated that she would rather die than go to live with her mother, and Otto found her hanging in a closet on December 21, 1900. Her death was ruled an accidental death, but others believed she committed suicide. The Paranormal Lockdown team will see if they can uncover further information surrounding her death.

On this episode of Paranormal Lockdown, the team will be bringing with them a wide variety of devices and instruments that will help them communicate with whatever spirits may reside in the home. Their equipment on this Paranormal Lockdown investigation includes night vision lenses, vibration sensors, audio recording devices, and more of their cutting-edge gadgets such as The Portal Wonder Box, which captures clear, real-time vocalizations.

Johnny Houser joins the Paranormal Lockdown crew at Malvern Manor and describes his own harrowing experience in the building. Houser is a paranormal investigator and happens to live next door to the infamous Villisca, Iowa, home where six members of the Moore family and two house guests were murdered with an axe. To this day, the murder is unsolved although there are many theories as to who was responsible for the gruesome crime. The Paranormal Lockdown team goes with Johnny to the area in the building where he had his experience, and as he is telling them about the shadow figure that rushed at him while on an investigation, they all hear footsteps and then a knock coming from down the hall.

Are you a fan of Paranormal Lockdown? Do you believe that Nick and Katrina will uncover what’s going on at Malvern Manor? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Paranormal Lockdown below. Paranormal Lockdown airs on Friday’s at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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