‘Fifty Shades Darker’ After-Credits Scene: Huge Spoiler About Anastasia’s Future

Will viewers who see Fifty Shades Darker get an after-credits scene to extend the erotic thriller a bit longer?

For moviegoers who have no idea what this even means, the after-credits scene is a final scene that plays after all the credits have ended. It’s a movie trope that barely existed 20 years ago but has grown increasingly common in the past decade as filmmakers offer a bit of a reward for people willing to stay in their seats until the very end.

The after-credits scene is a popular feature in comedy and action movies, almost a standard among superhero movies, but erotic thrillers like Fifty Shades Darker are a bit of new ground. Viewers who head out to the movie won’t have an idea going in whether they should stay all the way to the end to see what awaits them.

So, is there an after-credits scene in Fifty Shades Darker?

Yes, and it’s a major one.

[WARNING: Spoilers for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are ahead.]

As E! News noted, the scene after the final credits in Fifty Shades Darker gives viewers an important glimpse of what will happen to Anastasia in the next installment, Fifty Shades Freed.

“The teaser kicks off with Anastasia wearing a wedding dress and veil, though we must note it only shows the back of a man’s head and nothing else.”

However, we do hear Christian Grey’s voice seemingly reciting his wedding vows as the video continues and quickly transitions into multiple clips of other scenes, including: the pair boarding a private jet, hanging out at the beach, kissing, showering(of course) and more.”

The clip ends with Anastasia reciting her own vows: “I solemnly vow to keep you safe for as long as we both shall live,” she said.

There will likely be a big audience looking for an after-credits scene in Fifty Shades Darker. The movie itself has gotten mixed reviews, but like any movie based on a book with a huge and dedicated following, that doesn’t really matter much. The reviews for the Twilight series were pretty bad, the movies were campy, and the story lines were largely panned by critics — but that didn’t stop legions of teenage fans from flocking to the movie theater to see it.

That will likely be the case with Fifty Shades Darker, which is expected to pull in close to $40 million in the United States, coming in second place at the opening weekend box office to The Lego Batman Movie (which has its own after-credits scene).

The worldwide box office is where Fifty Shades Darker will really make its bank, Deadline reported.

“It’s a different story worldwide, where the Christian Grey-Anastasia Steele noir is expected to dominate with a global opening between $115M-$155M as it undresses in 57 offshore markets. International ticket sales for the sequel are projected between $80M-$120M. LegoBatman — swinging into 61 markets including France, Germany, Russia, Spain, UK, Korea, Brazil and Mexico — will have a global grapple of $100M-$105M, with $40M of that from outside the U.S./Canada.”

And as ClickOn Detroit reviewer Ian Rhodes noted, women who want to see the movies will want to bring along their dates — and there’s likely not much resistance from the guys.

“I could be wrong, and I don’t want to lump all guys into one boat, but I have never had a guy tell me, ‘Yeah, I didn’t like that movie. It was too sexy.’ Yet, I got a lot of flak from the guys when I said I was going to see Fifty Shades Darker. They said stuff like, ‘Are you a 30-year-old woman?’

I just don’t get the hate.”

Many of the reviews are tilting this way. Vanity Fair called Fifty Shades Darker a “trash masterpiece” and noted that it’s a good bit of fun for moviegoers.

So those who go to see Fifty Shades Darker should remember to stay put to see the after-credits scene.

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