Amy Duggar Will Reveal What Family Member Abused Her: Could It Have Been Josh?

On this new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Amy Duggar King has revealed that she was abused by a family member. When Amy first told the story in a preview, everyone thought she was talking about Dillon, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. Amy is sharing that she has been through a lot over the years and now according to Starcasm, Amy is going to reveal who it was that abused her. There has been a lot of speculation that it could have been her cousin Josh Duggar since he has admitted to sexually abusing some of his sisters and also a babysitter. There has been speculation over the years that Amy might have been that sitter, but that was never confirmed.

Amy Duggar King shared that she was grabbed by the throat and then lifted up off the ground. Amy never shared that anything else happened and has also been quiet about who did it to her besides that it was a family member. Amy did go to Twitter and say, “The story I was describing in the Marriage Bootcamp teaser does not involve Dillon in any way. #Ilovemyhusband.” Amy’s husband didn’t even know about the abuse until they were filming and it all came out there. Amy shared a bit with Fox News, and it turns out that she did admit who it was that did this to her. Here is what Amy had to say about it.

“I’m grateful I had the opportunity. I wished I could have done it behind closed doors… It’s not that I regret saying his name… Well, I regret talking about it on camera, but it’s something that just literally blew out of my mouth and the doctors could tell that I was bothered by something… The question was, ‘Who hurt you when you were a little girl? Who was someone that first brought you pain? And this person — I tried to hide it, I did. But the doctors were like, ‘No, there’s something there. There’s something bothering you and before I had the chance to really think about it and clear my mind, the name came out in therapy. And I forgave this person. This person is having a hard time forgiving me for mentioning it on camera. But in the moment, I literally forgot cameras were even there.”

It really does sound like Amy Duggar King revealing who hurt her will air on the show. Amy has said that she loves that person and they are better now, but still nobody knows who it is that hurt Amy so bad.

There has been so much speculation that it could have been Josh Duggar, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. It is expected to air in an upcoming episode where Amy Duggar King will admit who did this to her. Dillon says they joined the show to work on their marriage and that none of this stuff was simply said for fame. He wants everyone to know the truth. They also shared that they want to have children, but only two or three and not a ton like her aunt and uncle Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Duggar King is going to reveal who abused her? Do you think that they might decide to cut this from the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on Friday nights on WE.

Update: Amy Duggar King shares who abused her!

[Featured Image by Amy Dillon King/Instagram]