‘Beauty And The Beast,’ ‘Harry Potter’ Mash-Up: Belle Falls For Voldemort?

When Emma Watson plays a fantastical role and uses her British accent, then what do you do except make a mash-up with Harry Potter?

We’ve already experienced a bit of that Harry-Potter-meets-Disney vibe in the moving character portraits recently released (check out Bustle’s full collection of the portraits here). But if you’re interested in a more obvious fandom tie-in then this is your lucky day. In the mash-up, created by YouTuber PistolShrimps, Belle (aka Hermione) falls in love with Voldemort. Yes, you read that right. Voldemort takes the place of the Beast.

The video, titled “Beauty and Lord Voldemort,” is a play off of the most recent official trailer for the upcoming Disney film–the final trailer, in fact. Therefore, the trailer offers a lot of material for such a mash-up.

From the beginning, all of the Harry Potter nuances gradually appear–from green flashes (no worries, no one dies) to Emma holding a wand as she first walks into the castle. While the idea of such a mash-up may perhaps seem off to some, viewers seem to really be loving it. YouTube users are leaving some very positive comments. A few are merely amazed at the editing, others say that the story is even great. One user, sk8r boi, claimed that it was a “better love story than twilight.”

Daily Dot said that the mash-up works a lot better than one would expect–that is, except for the fact that Voldemort appears to kill Maurice “multiple times.” Besides from wands, Belle’s horse Philippe is a unicorn, Mrs. Potts wears the Ravenclaw diadem, the Whomping Willow makes a guest appearance and apparition is employed. E! Online writer Francesca Bacardi reported that the video’s editing is “seamless” and that the dialogue “perfectly [matched] up with the altered scenes.”

In the end, fans may find themselves compelled by this plot twist, or they may be disgusted. The Huffington Post argued that the mash-up will “scar you worse than Harry Potter.”

“Beast gets replaced with Voldemort, and the result is more traumatizing than all the horcruxes combined. Actually, the video is pretty great, but, still, we just can’t get the image of Hermione and He Who Must Not Be Named out of our minds. What’s next? Are they going to the Yule Ball together?”

The news source acknowledged, however, that it was “mischief managed” on PistolShrimps’ part.

Beauty and the Beast has succeeded in accruing fans and followers around the globe, and this video obviously plays to the deep-rooted love in the public realm for both the classic Disney tale as well as J.K. Rowling’s famous saga. While Disney has already released their final trailer for the upcoming film, there’s still a chance that more TV spots will come out. Remember: we still haven’t seen Dan Stevens (the Beast) singing. Although his character does not often sing, he briefly participates in the song “Something There.” But obviously Disney finds that small detail pretty valuable, so we may just have to wait until the premiere.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017–ironically, the same day that Netflix’s new Marvel series, Iron Fist, premieres (check out more info here).

[Featured Image via Disney]