WWE News: Vince McMahon Has Huge Plans Ahead For Cruiserweight Division

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon went over the recent quarter on a phone call with investors yesterday, and seemed to imply that he has some big things planned for the cruiserweight division this year. The division has seen better days, as the fans have not seriously enjoyed the division since its arrival as the style of wrestling is not the type that the division was known for years ago. Hardcore fans would argue that the division is better than before however.

Despite what hardcore fans might feel, even they have felt the division has lacked heavily. The reason is simply due to the fact that WWE has had various issues trying to make us care about the characters as everyone either loses or wins every week with no real star. Since adding Neville, the division has certainly improved as the self-proclaimed King of the Cruiserweights has been on a tear and dominated most of the time.

The rub is that WWE has not made anyone else a star, which is why people do not care for whoever he faces despite how good they might be. When you have four champions in the span of six months or so, it seems pretty obvious that even WWE has no idea who they want to focus on. WWE does have plans to improve this by adding other stars to the division that we do know, such as Austin Aries and possibly Hideo Itami.

TJ Perkins

Despite upcoming possibilities, WWE still has to make sure they sell WWE stockholders on the division and other things they are doing with it. This is why Vince McMahon mentioned the division on his quarterly earnings phone call. He mentioned that they have plans to create additional revenue for the division and even the 205 Live show.

They mentioned that they were planning to do this with merchandising, which will give us better shirts and other apparel for the people of the division. They also mentioned they planned to do this with live events too. Some took this as WWE mentioning that they may want to do specific live events around the cruiserweights due to the multitude they have in the division right now.

The call had a lot of interesting elements in it past the cruiserweights, but this was obviously the big deal for most. The division reminds people of the women’s division in 2015. WWE wanted to seriously revamp the division for the ladies, and a WWE Divas Revolution was sparked by fans basically being fed up with what the main roster was doing when they could have had matches longer than two minutes.

WWE fans watched the likes of Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley down in WWE NXT and knew the women could put on matches not just longer than two minutes…but also main event worthy ones too. Some of the best matches of 2015 and 2016 had to do with the Four Horsewomen of NXT. WWE knew at least three could be used to help totally revamp the division…but they made a crucial mistake.

Cedric Alexander

They decided to push the entire WWE Divas Division at the same time. They paired them all off in groups of three and expected them to get over with the fans when the fans did not care for this, they wanted to see the stars wrestle and not tag matches between Team PCB and Team B.A.D. Eventually, things settled and WWE focused on the top three ladies out of NXT with some Paige and Bella Twins mixed into it.

Now WWE is making the same mistake by using all the cruiserweights at the same time with no real stars being made other than Neville, who was one before the division was created. They only wrestle each other too, so no one cares of say Cedric Alexander beats Noam Dar. This is especially true with the match quality isn’t as good as it was in the Cruiserweight Classic when you didn’t have to care about characters.

Many believe WWE will eventually start to focus on at least four men, but they have to eventually pick those people and move forward. We know Neville is the clear top of the division and WWE seems to be big on the idea of putting everyone through him. However, they have to eventually make threats for the title in the other cruiserweights. Until they do, fans will not be sold on the matches. However, they may be sold on the idea of watching them in live events. So maybe WWE can do well with them in this area of the company if nothing else.

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