Ex-Air Force Cadet Broke Into Area 51, Claims He Was Later Abducted By Aliens

Chris Augustin has led a rather colorful life since the first time he encountered a UFO. That was in 1999 and occurred in Washington Township, New Jersey. But the UFO sighting led to his obsession with Area 51 and his entering the top secret government facility a couple years later. And then things really got interesting. He was abducted by aliens. Not once but multiple times.

The Daily Express reported this week that UFO researcher Chris Augustin, in a video uploaded to YouTube, revealed his many encounters with UFOs and aliens over the years. Now he travels from paranormal convention to UFO convention, feeling compelled to not only share his story but to talk with others who have endured like experiences.

In the video, Augustin tells an audience at a recent UFO conference that spotting a black triangular UFO while he was studying to enter the United States Air Force Academy inspired him to begin researching UFO phenomena and led him to Nevada and Area 51.

It was August 2001, and Augustin parked his car near the top secret site at an area that wasn’t fenced off.

“I crossed the border and lived to tell about it.”

Augustin said that a black helicopter appeared as he climbed a small hill. It approached him and dived toward him, an incident he actually filmed and showed to the audience. But then, oddly, the helicopter flew off.

Augustin said he was able to cross the Area 51 border and roamed unchallenged until he left.

Area 21 restricted sign

Six months later, he was abducted by aliens, he claimed.

He was driving on his way home from his girlfriend’s place when he lost three minutes and 40 seconds.

“My hands are on the wheel, executing a turn – and then three-and-a-half minutes are gone. I was afraid, afraid of what I didn’t understand.”

Augustin told the UFO conference that he was abducted several more times after that. He claimed he had an increase in psychic experiences as well. He even woke up with blood in his bed after he had suffered an implantation of a metal device in his lower left leg, something inserted (verified by scans, he said) there by extraterrestrials, he believed.

Chris Augustin’s story of abductions, missing time, and implantation is a common one among those who believe they have been abducted by aliens.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told The Express, ”American ufologist and artist Budd Hopkins categorized many of the prime elements of the abduction experience. Abductions often start in childhood, continue throughout a person’s life, and are not just isolated incidents.”

They are often accompanied by memories of medical procedures being performed. These memories sometimes only come to light during hypnosis sessions. Hopkins, Watson said, likened the procedures to that of ritualized rape, as many often had experienced some form of genital or reproductive organ manipulation.

But not everyone buys into the abduction scenarios. Some think they are hoaxes. Others think the abductees are delusional or have in some way conflated normal events into something alien and other-worldly.

Man being abducted by UFO.

Psychologists have found several ways to explain why some people believe they have been abducted by aliens. One is dissociation. As explained by Daily Mail, this occurs during extreme and traumatic events in a person’s life, where an individual’s mental processes detach from each other and from other psychological processes.

But studies have indicated that subjects of alien abduction are no more prone to mental illness than the average person. However, abductees may be more likely to have a tendency to indulge fantasy and create elaborate imaginings that sometimes blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

And yet, none of this is to say that abductees have not been abducted, just that the skeptical nature of science points to other explanations for the various phenomena experienced by the abductees.

But as for Chris Augustin, he believes he has been abducted. And given enough time and persistence and information, he and his fellow abductees will find the answers behind the UFOs and the abductions.

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