Did Kourtney Kardashian Turn Down Scott Disick’s Proposal Before His Bender?

Scott Disick had big plans for the family trip to Costa Rica last week. While Kourtney Kardashian and her three kids — Mason (7), Penelope (4) and Reign (2) — enjoyed the exotic getaway, Disick allegedly proposed in front of the cameras.

Sadly, Us Magazine reports that Kardashian turned the offer down. “Scott proposed to Kardashian. Not with a ring. He just said, ‘Let’s get married,'” an insider revealed. “She told him no. Scott was embarrassed, upset and angry.”

The rejection was hard on Disick, who has been trying to win Kardashian back for the past two years. Disick tried his best to turn his life around for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, even attending rehab in 2015 and keeping free from alcohol and parties. His efforts were unfortunately too late.

“Kardashian is over being with him,” the insider added.

According to AOL, Disick and the Kardashians rented a mansion for the Costa Rica getaway. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Disick, it sounds like the failed proposal was caught on camera and might make it on the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. After Kardashian told him no, Disick reportedly went into a downward spiral. The reality star flew with a mystery girl to the Papagayo Peninsula and then refused to leave his hotel.

“Kardashian is not upset he’s seeing other women,” the source shared. “She’s upset he’d disrupt the trip with the kids. If you’re dating someone important, bring her to meet the family. Don’t hide her.”

Disick’s bender only got worse from there. A day before the Kardashians headed home, Disick flew to Miami and was spotted drinking with several different models. This includes Jessica “J Lynne” Harris, who got extra cuddly with Disick at a hotel pool, and Amber Davis, who also enjoyed some pool time with the reality star.

“This is all a ‘f**k you’ to Kardashian,” the source concluded. “But she doesn’t care. She’s done with all of it.”

While Disick has clearly given up, People is reporting that Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t care about what he did in Miami. She is, however, upset with all the negative news and worried how it would affect their children.

“Kardashian hasn’t been happy with Scott for weeks. It has nothing to do with what he is doing in Miami right now,” a source explained. “She just doesn’t like when he parties. He is an irresponsible dad when he parties.”

The insider continued: “She is not happy with Scott. She allowed him to come to Costa Rica for a couple of days so he could have fun with the kids. Partying and making out with different girls publicly isn’t exactly the best behavior when you are a dad.”

The recent turn of events follows claims that Kardashian was ready to take Disick back. In fact, the two have been spending more time together, and Disick looked like he was on the road to winning back his family. Disick and Kardashian were together for nine years before parting ways.

According to Radar Online, Disick is back in Los Angeles but doesn’t have a place to stay. After his bender in Miami, Kardashian allegedly kicked Disick out of the house and won’t let him back in.

“She wouldn’t even let him in their house. It is just a total mess right now,” a source revealed. “Scott flipped out and he told her that all he wanted was to see the kids. So, Kourtney told him that he should have thought about that while he was getting wasted and hooking up with practically all of Miami!”

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[Featured Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Manuka Doctor]