February 9, 2017
'Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Week 7 Brings Nick's Meltdown, Corinne's Frisky Move

Juicy stuff is on the way according to the latest Bachelor 2017 spoilers. Nick Viall faced some difficult eliminations during the Week 6 episode and the last that viewers saw, he was in tears as he talked to his remaining six women about how he wasn't sure the process was going to work for him. The previews for Week 7 have shown that things will be tear-filled and intense and everybody is anxious to know what's coming up next. Will Reality Steve's Bachelor winner spoilers pan out to be correct in the end or does all of this drama in St. Thomas signal that twisty shockers are on the way?

During the February 13 broadcast of ABC's The Bachelor 2017 season, Nick Viall will head off on his own in St. Thomas and do some reflecting and seemingly crying after talking to the six ladies about his concerns. Previews show the bachelorettes in tears themselves, and the network shares that Nick will end up talking with host Chris Harrison about the state of things. Will this heart-to-heart help Viall see things in a clearer light again?

'The Bachelor' star Nick Viall sheds more tears in Episode 7
St. Thomas set the stage for tears, but spoilers say Viall pushes through in Week 7 [Image by KGC-146/STAR MAX/IPx]

The official press release shared very little in the way of Bachelor spoilers for Episode 7, so it is difficult to tell how far things will progress in during this next show. Of course, the previews make it seem as if everything could fully fall apart with the most dramatic ending ever, but things will be turning around again sooner rather than later.

According to gossip guru Reality Steve, there will be no rose ceremony in St. Thomas after all of this drama, so Nick and the final six ladies will jet off to Bimini, Bahamas, for the next round of dates. The Bachelor spoilers for Viall's outings in the Bahamas indicate that there will be one group date and three individual dates, and by the end of these outings, the final four bachelorettes who snag hometown dates will be determined.

Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' season continues with Week 7 next Monday
Will the drama in Episode 6 lead to shakeups for Viall and the remaining ladies? [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision for Just Jared/AP Images]

Vanessa Grimaldi shared a great one-on-one with Viall earlier this season and Bachelor spoilers detail that she gets another one-on-one in Bimini. Nick and Vanessa do some snorkeling, and it sounds as if things go well. The group date will put Raven Gates, Kristina Schulman, and Corinne Olympios together and they'll spend time with Viall swimming with sharks. Raven reportedly gets the rose and some alone time with Nick at a concert with Adam Friedman.

Danielle Maltby gets a one-on-one as well, but Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers reveal that Viall will end up eliminating her during this outing. From the sounds of things, Danielle will be stunned by her elimination, and she'll have a tough time with it. Rachel Lindsay gets the other one-on-one, and while little is known about this one, it sounds as if it goes pretty well.

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers via the previews for Week 7 teased that Corinne will sneak off to Nick's room to surprise him and this takes place at some point in Bimini. Will Olympios and Viall get intimate during this sneaky time together, much like what viewers saw when he did something similar with Kaitlyn Bristowe during her Bachelorette season? Previews do show the two kissing, but Reality Steve's teasers reveal that Viall will put a stop to things and send her back to her room before the action gets too heated.

Reality Steve has also revealed that there will be some tense moments between Vanessa and Rachel in the Bahamas, with them butting heads, but that may not be shown at all during the episode. As for the eliminations for Episode 7, Bachelor spoilers detail that Viall will visit the ladies ahead of time and talk with Kristina alone to send her home. Once again, there will be no rose ceremony in this case as there won't be any need.

Will the series finally show everything through this point in one episode and get back to a more traditional schedule of ending episodes at the end of the eliminations? That much is not clear at this point, although TV Guide's synopsis for Week 8 does indicate that the focus will be on the hometown dates and supposedly shockers are on the way.

Reality Steve's Bachelor winner spoilers have indicated that Nick does propose to one of these ladies and she accepts, but he's also teased that the relationship has hit some rocky moments and viewers may not want to count on long-term happiness between these two. Fans are still hopeful, however, and the drama-filled journey continues for Nick Viall during Week 7 of ABC's The Bachelor 2017 season on Monday, February 13.

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