Trolling Sean Spicer Turns Into Hilarious Pastime Thanks To Venmo

Trolling Sean Spicer has become a new activity thanks to some social media users who found this unique way to take a swipe at Trump’s press secretary. The masses somehow figured out that Sean Spicer has a Venmo account that is public and it didn’t take them long to rack up the requests via hilarious messages on Spicer’s Venmo site.

Venmo is a website where you can request or send money, which is something along the lines of Paypal, but it works a little differently. It certainly wasn’t a website meant for trolling Spicer, but leave it to the social media users to find an off-label use for Venmo.

According to the Independent, it is a website where you can request money from a friend or pay a friend back when you owe them some money. Venmo comes in handy when splitting a bill at a restaurant or a taxi fare, which is just a couple of the legitimate uses for Venmo. It seems that the masses have now found another use and that is trolling Spicer.

With each transaction a message is left, much like a “social media feed,” cites the Independent. These messages are now being used for trolling Spicer. After someone had spotted Spicer’s account, it was suddenly a place that people gravitated to as a kind of improv stage for leaving witty Spicer messages. They are having a field day while trolling Spicer in the form of hysterical requests and donations. Some of these messages for requests and donations via Spicer’s account are seen below.

It seems that a new use for the website has morphed out of trolling Spicer and while it might not be the nicest thing to do, some of these Spicer messages are just too funny to ignore. Unfortunately for Spicer, his Venmo account is public. The last time he used it, he paid his brother back for some M&Ms.

The requests are piling up on Spicers’ Venmo account today with many offering to donate money for Spicer to get his hairline fixed. It seems Spicers’ forehead has taken on a life of its own with folks offering to donate money to fix this look that is “90 percent forehead,” writes one user.

Spicer, who didn’t take Melissa McCarthy’s imitation of him on Saturday Night Live last week very well, is a man who is not known for his sense of humor. He did offer up a few thoughts on his SNL depiction, which included he believed Melissa McCarthy exaggerated the gum chewing. He also said she needs to dial it back a bit, as apparently, he doesn’t see himself the way the comedian imitated him.

Of course, there wasn’t a lack of reference to Spicer’s gum chewing, which is the same thing the Saturday Night Live skit picked up on. He also had something going on with Dippin Dots Ice Cream a while back, and there’s a few references to that product as well. He had some disparaging things to say about the frozen ice cream dots and folks had a ball referencing that as well.

It is not known what he thinks about the trolling on Venmo, but NBC News reports the account has now changed from public to private. People took tons of screen shots before that happened, so the story lives on today. It appears Donald Trump has also created a conundrum on Twitter with a tweet citing “Easy D.” No one is quite sure what he means by this, but some are surmising it means “easy decision.” You can see the tweet below.

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs/AP Images]