Tom Brady Makes Chris Jericho’s ‘List’ As He Steals The G.O.A.T. Title On Raw

Chris Jericho officially has beef with Tom Brady. Following Brady’s epic Super Bowl LI comeback that had analysts and fans calling him the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.), the WWE star added Brady to his List of Jericho. Will they settle their drama in the ring?

According to Fox Sports, Jericho didn’t appreciate how everyone was calling Brady the G.O.A.T., a nickname he has embroidered into the back of his trunks. Of course, Jericho goes by a slew of monikers, including Y2J, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Lionheart, and the G.O.A.T., but he thought the sporting world crossed the line by giving his title to Brady.

On the latest episode of WWE’s Raw, Jericho expressed his frustrations during a discussion about the upcoming WrestleMania. CBS Sports is reporting that Jericho was angry that everyone crowned Brady as the greatest athlete in the history of sports and subsequently put him on the list.

Brady made history last Sunday night when he guided the New England Patriots to victory against the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were down by 25 points at one point in the game, making Brady’s comeback the largest in Super Bowl history. After being named the game’s MVP, fans were quick to praise Brady as the greatest.

Brady wasn’t the only person to make Jericho’s list on Raw. After the talk about Brady, Goldberg entered the stage and told Jericho that he should fight Owens for the Universal Championship at Fastlane in March. Jericho didn’t take the suggestion lightly and put Goldberg on his list as well.

Of course, not everyone WWE star has a bone to pick with Tom Brady. According to Yahoo Sports, Triple H actually sent a gift to the New England Patriots a day after their historic win. On Monday, the wrestler gifted the team with a heavyweight championship title as a tribute to their thrilling victory. No word on whether or not Jericho added Triple H to his list.

At the same time, Wrestling Inc is reporting that Jericho continued his rant against Brady on social media after Raw. The wrestling icon posted a special message to Brady on Twitter, which featured a picture of the moment he put the NFL star on his special list.

“Yeah I went there,” Jericho wrote alongside the image, which also featured a shot of Brady on the sidelines. “#GOAT #WWEPortland #WWERaw @tombrady #ImTheRealGOAMaan.”

Brady did not comment back on the photo, though a lot of fans expressed their own opinions about Jericho’s newest beef. Some fans were entertained by Jericho’s antics while other thought Brady was deserving of the title. At the same time, it will be interesting to see if any of the talk about Jericho and Brady increases ratings for the WWE, especially ahead of WrestleMania.

Whether or not Brady responds to Jericho is yet to be seen. Fans will have to keep an eye on the situation to find out how things develop. With the football season over and Brady’s schedule clear, there’s always the possibility that he will call Jericho out for the slight. That being said, the chances of Brady entering the ring with Jericho to settle the beef is probably slim to none.

After all, Brady has done a lot to deserve the G.O.A.T. title. Not only did he lead the Patriots to victory against enormous odds, but his recent Super Bowl win is his fifth title in a long NFL career. In fact, Brady is the only quarterback to ever win five Super Bowl rings and, despite his age, he is showing little to no signs of slowing down.

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[Featured Image by Billie Weiss/Getty Images]