Kristen Stewart’s New Girlfriend Stella: A Relationship Of Passion, Naughtiness

The public had not heard of Stella Maxwell (Instagram: @stellamaxwell), the well-known Victoria’s Secret angel, who in her time had a torrid affair with artist Miley Cyrus. What memories! The photos of Miley and Stella together were some of the best moments in celebrity news. Their passionate involvement was indescribable, but things, unfortunately, had to come to an end between them.

However, things have changed now and the former couple is not new news. Miley seems very happy with her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and apparently, they have plans for the future together. How nice! Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, has had three romantic relationships so far this year namely: St. Vincent singer, former model Delevigne Face; Alicia Cargile, with whom she had a season of indecision; and the French actress Soko. Most definitely, the list does not end here!

The protagonist of the Twilight saga seems to have found her fourth and most probably final sweetheart, Stella Maxwell. These two gorgeous girls were seen together dressed casually and although it seemed that they were not happy together given the photographs, there is no telling that Kristen tried to avoid the paparazzi targets while Stella was covering her face in order to not be recognized, but to no avail. Cuteness overloaded indeed.

There were doubts and suspicions regarding Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, but it is not so ambiguous now. It can be said loud and clear that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are together. The actress from Twilight, Kristen Stewart and Victoria’s Secret model, Stella Maxwell met in October and since then, their relationship has been growing at a tremendous pace. It seems that the two have become so close that they have become inseparable from each other. However, it hasn’t been long enough that the public had proof of this love but apparently, Kristen Stewart does not care to hide her feelings for Stella from the public. The new couple has recently been spotted in the streets of Milan, walking hand in hand and making out in a car. Now that’s pretty candid and that’s why everyone loves Kristen Stewart’s straightforwardness.

Conjectures are all over the place. It is being said that Stella Maxwell must have stolen Kristen’s heart after the Twilight actress ended her relationship with the filmmaker Alicia Cargile. Even though her brief period with Miley Cyrus was one of the most favorite moments for fans, Kristen just couldn’t resist falling in love with Miley’s ex, Stella Maxwell, the famous Victoria’s Secret model. It must have been tough for Miley but she seems happy with her current relationship. As far as Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are concerned, fans would love to see that both of them have found love again and are happy together. The public certainly hopes that the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell will last a long time and the two will be very happy together. The public has been extremely keen to know more about the new relationship but since Kristen has always been notoriously private about her life and her relationship with some, that has been something hard to achieve. However, the public is definitely looking forward to the new couple to make more appearances and shows of intimacy and affection.

Kristen Stewart new relationship with Stella Maxwell

Some sources close to the couple have reported that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are currently getting to know each other better in order to spend a good time together without any pressure. So rest assured, there is no wedding yet, take it easy! Whatever the case, the two just seem lovely together do they not? Everyone is hoping that they make a very good couple and of course, this has been the big news of this week. There seems to be something very common in both Kristen and Stella which is difficult to pinpoint right now, but there’s a good chance that these two stunning girls will fall in love deeper and deeper as they move along their romantic journey together.

[Featured Image by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images]