Selena Gomez Likes Justin Bieber Instagram Pic: Is Her New Song About Him?

Is Selena Gomez sending messages about Justin Bieber and their Jelena romance era to her social media followers? Fans are speculating about what the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” songstress is saying with her actions ranging from liking a Jelena throwback photo montage of Justin and herself to teasing a snippet of a song that many think is about Bieber.

The excitement from fans began when Selena teased her new song on Instagram, which indicated that she’s got new music in the works that’s progressed far enough for her to reveal a taste. Also, there’s speculation that Gomez has at least one single and possibly an album to drop in the near future, noted Teen Vogue.

Some fans think Selena Gomez's new song is about her relationship with Justin Bieber.

As for those lyrics, that’s where the rumors that her song is about Justin Bieber originated.

“I had a dream, we were back to 17, summer nights… never growing up.”

The song is being compared to some of Selena’s newer pop music woven with soulful sounds, such as “Good For You.” But it’s the reference to age 17 that’s got fans speculating one of her new singles will be about Bieber.

It's been years since Justin Bieber kissed Selena Gomez on the red carpet.

When Justin and Gomez met, she was 17, which was in 2009, pointed out Elle. The lyric, combined with her “like” for the “crazy throwback” photo montage showing Bieber with Selena, caused fans to go even more wild with comments.

One even Instagrammed the “like” and “unlike” trail.

Even though Gomez subsequently changed her mind and “unliked” the photo montage of herself and Justin, the speculation didn’t stop about her song. Is she feeling nostalgic?

While fans speculate that her new song is about Justin Bieber, Refinery 29 noted that she probably would never reveal whether it is actually about Justin. Selena has been clear about her disdain for dishing about Bieber and her personal life in the past.

“I would try to promote something that I loved and the entire interview would be about my personal life.”

However, what is known about her new song is that she’s one of the writers, having registered the song “It Ain’t Me.” It’s co-written with DJ Kygo. The other writers include Brian Lee, Ali Tamposi and Andrew Watt, who just happen to be the writers for DJ Snake and Bieber’s “Let Me Love You.”

Fans responded when the news hit Twitter.

“Looks like a Selena Gomez and Kygo collab is coming! #sg2,” tweeted one.

“Ahhhh, THIS IS AMAZING,” posted another.

And while Twitter fans focused on her song, her Instagram followers still tried to analyze what her initial “like” and then “unlike” of that photo montage with Justin Bieber means. Teen Vogue noted that some think Selena double-tapped the image of herself and Bieber taken six years ago on the beach in Santa Monica, California, because she’s not happy with her rumored boyfriend The Weeknd. That fan camp contends that she’s been daydreaming about her days with Justin.

However, the fact that Gomez recently changed her Instagram profile picture is causing some to speculate that her initial “like” reflected her work on her new project, a song about Bieber. Her stylist posted another version of that image, which is full size, credited to “Hands to Myself” director Alek Keshishian. Some think that the photo could serve as the glamorous cover for a new album or a new single.

Others, however, are focused on the fact that she retracted her “like” for the photo montage with Justin. Some think that she was just scrolling through Instagram pics and accidentally liked the Jelena image.

“She was probably scrolling down and double tapped by accident,” wrote one fan of the accidental tapping theory. “I do it all the time and go back and delete.”

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