When Will She Clean Up Her Act? Joanna Krupa Posts Herself Bathing On Twitter

“Bubbles anyone? After a Long day Can always rely on [a bubble bath]” Joanna Krupa tweeted while sitting in a bathtub completely naked. If the number of likes the post got is anything to go by, there’s nothing more that her fans and followers look for after a long day than her revealing pictures!

The racy photo in which Joanna Krupa posted herself bathing on Twitter proved once more that the Polish model has no body hang-ups. In the pic, Joanna also rested her arm on the edge of the bathtub to reveal a sideboob. As for her hair, Joanna’s trademark blonde tresses were held in a ponytail. Wearing minimal makeup the former Real Housewives of Miami star showed off her natural beauty without too much effort.

Old habits die hard

This is not the first time the host of Poland’s Next Top Model has posted nudes of herself. She is so prolific at it that she has even confessed that having a positive body image is what has made her get so good at it.

“I don’t mind [stripping off for shoots] at all. I’m very proud of my body, I work really hard, I workout and try to stay in shape and eat healthy. I’m super proud of it and I believe if you have it you flaunt it! No matter what shape or size you are you should feel confident,” she has said.

Joanna Krupa posts herself bathing on Twitter

Her posts, of course, have not gone without a rising controversy. Just a little over two weeks ago, the Polish native kicked up a storm when she posted a saucy clip of herself wiggling her hips in what at first looked like her completely naked form. However, she was quick to let her fans know that she was wearing nude knickers.

Home sweet home

Earlier in the month, she added a feather to her seductive style when she attended a fashion event in Poland dressed in a black mesh dress that clearly showed her black underwear. This was during the Paprocki & Brzozowski fashion show where her blonde hair was backcombed and in a semi-updo. Loose curls also elegantly framed her face. And despite confessing that she was suffering from jetlag, the reality television star looked fresh as if she had just gotten out of bed after a night of adequate rest.

“Jetlag sucks a&& lol!!!! Is it even possible to be jetlagged after being in one place 3 weeks???” she tweeted at the time.

Smelly business

Aside from getting the internet all worked up over her saucy pictures, Joanna is currently embroiled in a legal drama. This is after she sued a fellow star on Real Housewives franchise, Brandi Glanville, for alleging that her lady parts stink. Brandi made the comments when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

Additionally, Joanna sued her co-star for alleging that she had engaged in an affair with Mohamed Hadid, the ex-husband of Yolanda Foster. In her defense, Brandi said that Joanna filed the lawsuit as a publicity stunt and possibly enable her to get a spot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following the cancellation of the Real Housewives of Miami following a long period of poor ratings.

Joanna Krupa posts herself bathing on Twitter

In her lawsuit, Joanna claimed that she underwent severe emotional distress after Brandi made the comments. The suit in which Joanna is seeking two million dollars in punitive damages has taken numerous twists and turns since the filing two years ago. A little over two weeks ago, a Florida judge ordered Joanna to hand over her gynecological records of several years in a bid to prove whether her lady parts are smelly as alleged by Brandi or are not as she says!

This is not the only lawsuit that Joanna is currently engaged in. Towards the end of last year, she sued a strip joint in Florida for using her images in their marketing and promotion activities. In the lawsuit, Pink Pony Tampa is accused of slapping the image of Joanna on their “dance and shower” show adverts. Joanna sued to have all image of her taken off the adverts and for her to be compensated for the promos that had already been sent out at her market rate.

[Featured Image by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]