‘Young And Restless’ News: Eric Braeden To Run For POTUS? ‘Y&R’ Star Tells All

Young and Restless star Eric Braeden released his memoir; I’ll Be Damned on February 7. He participated in a Facebook Q&A session on Wednesday, in which a fan called in and asked the soap opera star if he would ever consider running for president since his passion outside of acting seems to be politics. Eric was amused by the question and gave his direct answer about running for office.

First of all, Braeden cannot run for president under the current qualifications for office. He was not born in the United States, so that automatically disqualifies him. Even so, many of his Young and Restless fans think he would make a great leader and would love to see him run for public office.

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden from 'Young and Restless'

The Young and Restless star explained that his father was the mayor in the German city he grew up in, so the love of politics run in his family. He explained that even though he is passionate about politics, he would “probably” not run for office. Braeden chuckled as he explained that he isn’t sure he could handle the scrutiny the president-elect goes through on the campaign trail. Sorry, Y&R fans, it looks like Eric Braeden wouldn’t consider running for POTUS.

The fact that Donald Trump, a former reality TV star, won the 2016 presidential election, opens the door for other actors and celebrities to throw their name in the hat for the 2020 race. Before Donald won the race, the POTUS had at least some political experience. He broke the barrier and now other celebrities could run for president. In Eric’s case, he said he isn’t interested in putting his family through the drama of an intense battle to the White House. But, you have to admit, thinking about Victor Newman as president has a great ring to it.

Braeden recently celebrated 37 years playing the villain and patriarch, Victor Newman, on the Young and Restless.When he was barely 18, he came to the United States with only $50 to his name and a desire to make a new life for himself. According to Sun Herald, Eric grew up in post-war Germany and wanted a better future for his family. Initially, he was given a role as Victor and told it would last, at the most, a few months. Little did he know, Victor would become the patriarch of the show. Looking back at his career, the Young and Restless star said he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“I planned to play Victor for three months because I hated doing daytime television at first and then I decided I would do it for a year. William Bell was one of the greatest writers in the business. I went to him and told him I wanted to add some vulnerability to Victor and he created a back story that had at its essence an underlying sadness and that’s why I decided to keep doing it.”

As for the retirement rumors that keep popping up, the Young and Restless star said he had no plans to slow down and quit the show. Braeden declared that he loves what he does and sees no reason to retire just because he reached a certain age. As for running for POTUS, Eric Braeden chuckled as he said that he isn’t ready to open his family to that “kind of scrutiny.”

Young and Restless fans, would you like to see Eric Braeden run for POTUS? Do you think he should retire from the CBS soap opera?

Eric Braeden from 'Young and Restless'

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