‘Game Of Thrones’: The Little Things May Be More Important Than We Think

As Game of Thrones moves closer to its end, fans are spending lots of time trying to figure out how it all might end. There are lots of theories about the big, obvious characters, but maybe “the little things” are more important than we think.

At some point Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will have to meet, and there is much speculation about how that will turn out. Many theorize about the possibility that Tyrion is Targaryen and may be the third head of the dragon, with Snow and Dany being the other two.

People debate about things like the identity of the Lord of Light. These are all very important questions to ask about Game of Thrones and, honestly, lots of fun to think about. But there are two men who have been operating in the background who could turn out to be much more important than most are thinking at this point. They have both exerted lots of power, pulling strings if you will, in their own quiet way. They are Littlefinger and Varys (whose “little birds” have helped him a great deal).

Littlefinger has been working behind the scenes, driving much of the major action on Game of Thrones since the beginning. As the Huffington Post notes, he convinced Lysa Arryn to kill her husband Jon. This meant that Robert Baratheon was without a Hand, resulting in him tapping Ned Stark for that position. This got Ned to King’s Landing, which triggered everything else. A master of the Game of Thrones in his own way, the brothel owner formed connections and now finds himself in a position of more power as Lord Protector of the Vale. He has told Sansa that he wants the Iron Throne, and by coming to the rescue of the North at the Battle of the Bastards, he likely garnered the favor of many who don’t know him well enough to know his always-selfish motives.

There have been several rumors in the past few months about Littlefinger’s influence on Sansa in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. He is expected to try to manipulate her to go for the throne instead of letting her brother take the coveted seat. It’s an idea that may be attractive to Sansa at least initially as she currently feels underestimated and overlooked by her brother.


And then there’s Varys, another Game of Thrones character who has been manipulating people and situations in ways that aren’t so obvious. He worked with Illyrio to get Daenerys to marry Khal Drogo and then to put the dragon eggs in her possession. He quickly developed a friendship with Jorah. Reddit user gmnitsua explained another example of his manipulations, referring to Tyrion’s trial after Joffrey’s death.

“Before the trial, and after the battle of Blackwater, Varys visited Tyrion and congratulated him. They actually spend a good deal of time developing their friendship. But when Varys is called to the stand to testify, what happens? He testifies against Tyrion…

“He wanted Tyrion to be found guilty. And why? He wanted to give him to Daenerys. He conspired with Jaime to free him. He organized his passage to Daenerys. And he got abducted by whom? Jorah Mormont. A person who conspired with Varys from the very beginning. Deliberate or no? Definitely convenient.”

Convenient indeed. He also went to Dorne, spoke with Margaery Tyrell’s mother, and much more.

Varys has pledged his commitment to the realm throughout Game of Thrones, beginning all the way back in Season 1 in a conversation with Ned Stark. When we left GOT last season, he was accompanying Dany on her voyage to Westeros, where he is sure to face Littlefinger. Both men are strategically and mentally strong. This will be an interesting non-physical battle to watch.

[Featured Image by HBO]