Lisa Appleton Sunbathes Topless Showing Bare Breasts While In Spain

Lisa Appleton showed off incredible curves and bountiful assets as she was spotted sunbathing by the poolside in Spain. She looked absolutely confident than usual as she stripped down to her bikini bottoms and sunbathed topless. Lisa gave us an eyeful of her buxom—only just protecting her modesty with her hands as she cups her bare breasts.

Lisa Appleton is dubbed as UK’s Kim Kardashian

The former reality TV star has never been one to shy away from the cameras. From an outrageously sultry selfie to a topless bikini photo, Lisa is truly coping Kim K’s style. This week, she became the center of attention as she stripped off to sunbathe in the scenic paradise of Spain.

Lisa Appleton paraded around the pool edge donning a skimpy pair of pink briefs while she cups her bare breasts with her hands. Yep, she’s guaranteed a full body tan on this one.

Lisa Appleton goes bare breasts in Spain

As the reality starlet reclined by the pool, she suffered a minor nip slip which she didn’t mind at all, as she continued lounging up.

Despite doing a sunbathing session in the pool, she didn’t disappoint us with her glamorous full-face makeup. Lisa framed her hazel-colored eyes with a thick rim of kohl, a pair of long false lashes, and a slick of pink gloss for her pout lips. She completed the look by styling her brunette locks in a high ponytail that cascaded down her shoulders in bouncy waves.

The former Big Brother contestant accessorized her barely-there outfit with a necklace which features a heart-shaped pendant and nude-colored manicure for her nails.

This wasn’t the first time that Lisa had stripped down to just bikini briefs while sunbathing. In December 2016, she did the same eye-popping act while soaking up in the Spanish sunshine. She gave us a glimpse of her plentiful bust while donning only a skimpy black thong which was adorned with silver sequins and gems across the front.

Lisa Appleton goes bare breasts in Spain

In one of the photos, the Celebrities in Benefits star paddled her feet happily in the cooling water while her brunette hair was kept in stylish waves. A topless Lisa certainly grabs a huge amount of attention from paparazzi.

Lisa Appleton gets cosmetic procedures done all over her

Just this week, Lisa shared a picture on Twitter of her lying in bed, stripped down to her knickers and smiling broadly at the camera as she prepares to undergo a non-invasive liposuction. She got the procedure done at the Lipoglaze beauty salon in North London. These series of treatments of will remove the excess fat on her thighs, face, and stomach.

The 48-year-old star posed with her arms behind her head and her top rolled up to reveal her torso and black lace thong. After the said liposuction, she completely removed her top and took a selfie wearing only in her lingerie. The bombshell brunette admitted that she would rather embrace surgery if she doesn’t grow old gracefully.

“Some people say that you should grow old gracefully. But that really gets on my nerves when they say stuff like that. If you want to let yourself go and look like a testicle then go for it, but I don’t want to look like a testicle, thanks,” she told OK! Online.

Lisa Appleton is doing everything to look young even to the point of being under the knife to have a wrinkle-free life. She added that “it’s possible to reverse some of the agings.”

Lisa posted two photos about her recent beauty treatments on Twitter and relishing her “fuller golden lips” and “face full of Botox.” She wrote on the caption, “Wrinkle free yayyy!”

She has clearly been keen to keep her looks as youthful as possible.

[Featured Image by Tim Whitb/Getty Imges]