Denise Richards Adopts A Puppy In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Denise Richards adopted a puppy this week as part of her effort to encourage animal adoption in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Richards visited the North Shore Animal League America shelter in Long Island, New York with her two daughters this week and ended up adopting a black Labrador mix named Tara.

The North Shore Animal League America shelter writes on Facebook:

“Denise Richards visited North Shore Animal League America headquarters yesterday to provide vital help in spreading the word about our disaster relief efforts and encouraging adoptions. During their visit Denise and her family fell in love with Tara the Labrador Mutt-i-gree puppy and welcomed her into their home!”

Richards is a well-known animal lover and has adopted several dogs over the years. According to a blog post Richards wrote at iVillage, she’s adopted more than 2,000 dogs over the years.

Richards writes:

“Every other Monday when I’m not working, I go to the shelter and we take out 30-50 dogs that would otherwise be euthanized … The dogs we take out are [driven] to a facility in Utah or Montana. Since joining the program, over 2,000 dogs have been adopted.”

Here’s a photo of Denise Richards and her new puppy.

denise richards

Richards writes:

“When I was little, I swear I brought home every stray dog, hoping my parents would let me keep it. When I first started acting I would help at shelters… One of the many causes near and dear to my heart is animal rescue.”

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