Chloe Sims Opens Up About Her Lack Of Body Confidence

Chloe Sims has revealed that she is not as confident as people think because she has been struggling with lack of body confidence.

Sims claims that she is currently bigger than she has ever been and she claims that it has brought down her body confidence. She admitted that it has been bothering her a lot and that she is not as confidence as she appears to be. The Towie star revealed the news to her fans through her column on The Star magazine.

“While I was in Tenerife I didn’t wear a bikini once because I didn’t feel one bit body confident,” Chloe wrote in her column for the magazine.

Sims worried that things are getting out of hand

Sims expressed worry at the fact that she currently feels very big. She claims that she has grown bigger than she was in 2005 while she was pregnant with her daughter Madison who is currently 11 years old. The Towie star has been dealing with self-esteem issues due to her weight and it has gotten to the point where she is afraid to wear skimpy outfits. She just came back from the Canary Island where she joined the rest of the Towie cast for the filming of the upcoming new season of the show.

“I’m the biggest I’ve ever been right now. I didn’t even weigh this much when I had [daughter] Madison,” the mother of one confessed.

Chloe Sims lacks body confidence
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Chloe also added that she has been gaining weight rapidly and this meant she was not really excited to do paparazzi shots while they were on the island. Unfortunately, the self-esteem issues seem to be popping up at a time when the reality star’s schedule has been taken up by more filming in Essex. She was also recently interviewed by the same magazine in which she writes and revealed that she is disgusted by the way her tummy looks

Despite her claim about adding weight and the fact that her body confidence has been diminishing, Sims still looks sexy. She was recently spotted outdoors walking and she did not look even slightly as terrible as she made it sound. On the contrary, she looked very beautiful and shapely. Another photo of the 34-year-old was taken on January 22 while she was at the National Television Awards and the fans also seemed to like what they saw. One of her fans even gave her a compliment, telling her that words could not describe how beautiful she was.

More compliments populated on Chloe’s social media accounts with fans referencing how she looked at the NTAs. One of the more recent photos of the reality star features her walking away from her car while clad in a gray T-shirt and a pair of black ripped jeans that left her knees exposed. She also wore a pair of black boots to match her jeans as well as a black choker. Her blonde hair flowed to her shoulders and yet again she did not appear as chubby as she described. This perhaps means that she is too conscious of her weight and might be overthinking it.

Chloe Sims lacks body confidence
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Sims also stated that she will probably never be a gym addict though she is working on making sure that she will be more confident by summertime. She also added that she has been working on her diet as well as fitness and so far everything seems to be going well. Luckily, the 34-year-old also has her fans who have been encouraging her on social media. This has been important towards helping Chloe gain more body confidence with the way she looks as well as encouraging her through her fitness endeavors.

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