February 10, 2017
'General Hospital' Star Kirsten Storms Draws Concern From Fans Over Appearance

Kirsten Storms is a fan-favorite on the ABC soap, General Hospital. She plays the feisty Maxie Jones and has for over a decade now. She joined the show in 2005 and has remained steady, though she did take a few leave of absences for some personal issues along the way. Storms met her ex-husband, Brandon Barash, on General Hospital and the two share a daughter, Harper Rose. In recent weeks, the actress has been seen a lot in Port Charles, and it has sparked some concern among fans.

Recently, there was a photo sequence of Kirsten Storms that aired on General Hospital. It was played to remember the moments between Maxie and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) during their wedding episode. That was when the concern for Storms was initially vocalized. Over the last few months, her appearance has changed drastically. She is looking more gaunt and it seems that she has lost some weight. According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Kirsten Storms was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011. She had to take almost a year leave of absence from General Hospital and was replaced with Jen Lilley. Initially, Storms did not reveal what was plaguing her but finally decided to share her story of endometriosis.

In 2013, Kirsten Storms married Brandon Barash. The couple welcomed their first child in January 2014, and named her Harper Rose. Storms took maternity leave for three months and returned to General Hospital without any issues. The couple remained together for nearly three years before filing for divorce. While it was stated they were splitting amicably, rumors circulated that things were tough within the marriage. Storms appeared to be okay following the news in 2016, but some fans believe her recent appearance could have something to do with stress levels. Neither party has talked bad about the other in the media or on any social media platform, which is quite surprising for a celebrity divorce.

During the summer of 2016, Kirsten Storms took another small leave of absence from General Hospital. It was reportedly because of skin issues, though the matter wasn't elaborated on. She was replaced with Molly Burnett for a few episodes but returned without incident. The break occurred shortly after the announcement came that she was splitting from Brandon Barash and divorce papers were filed. Speculation was that she needed a little time away but that was never confirmed. Storms has done a good job of keeping her personal life secret and only announcing things that she know will leak or be spotted by the press.

Fans have been voicing their concerns for Kirsten Storms all over social media. She has remained silent on the issue of her appearance. There has been some heavy criticism for the General Hospital make-up and hair stylists, suggesting that their work is making Storms appear gaunt. Her blush has been specifically highlighted as one of the major issues, and no comments have been made from anyone who works on set. Some of the things said about Kirsten have been incredibly harsh, insinuating she may have a drug problem or possible medical issues that are going unnoticed. Her fan base has been fighting those rumors, shooting them down every chance they get.

Hopefully, Kirsten Storms will speak out and address the concern for her appearance in recent months. After dealing with something like endometriosis and then a divorce just a few years after marrying who you believed to be your soulmate, stress can take a toll on how you look. General Hospital fans are wishing her the best and hope that there is nothing seriously wrong with Kirsten Storms and it can all be blamed on a bad make-up job in the end.

[Featured Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]