Weather NYC: New York Schools Closed On Thursday, Major Snowstorm Expected

The kind of weather NYC is facing these days is far from steady. While it was 62 degrees on Wednesday, the National Weather Service is expecting a winter storm on Thursday. A blizzard storm warning has been issued for the eastern part of Long Island. New York City is expecting around 8 to 12 inches of snow. As a result, Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided to close New York schools on Thursday.

The weather NYC is experiencing is sure to offend those who always complain about weather.
A woman covers her face while walking through the snow on February 13, 2014 in New York City. [Image by John Moore/Getty Images]

The weather NYC will experience includes heavy snowstorm, according to NWS. Similar conditions will be in coastal Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley. Heavy snow is expected in the Tri-State region late tonight and Thursday. Early morning on Thursday is expected to see the heaviest snowfall, with wind gusts going as fast as 35 mph. The snowfall is expected to rise 3 inches every hour.

Weather NYC Impacts

Because of the weather, NYC is expected to have dangerous travel conditions. Whiteout conditions are expected at times across central and eastern Long Island. Otherwise, visibilities will be one-fourth mile at times. Long Island will have wind gusts go as fast as 45 mph. The temperature will be freezing before 8 o’clock in the morning. After that, the temperature will be falling fast through the 20s. Gale and storm warnings are in effect as well.

Weather NYC Forecast

Low pressure is going to track off the Delmarva coast early Thursday morning. Thereafter, it will rapidly intensify as it will track east of Long Island during the day, the official warning on the website says. There is some forecast uncertainty involved here. The expected snowfall amount will remain uncertain. So is the location of the heaviest bands. Heavy wet snow will be there before 8 a.m. It will soon become dry and powdery. Heavy snow is expected late Wednesday into Thursday. There will be potential for power interruptions. The morning and afternoon commutes on Thursday will be most affected. However, there is no significant coastal flood impacts expected.

The weather NYC is experiencing is sure to offend those who always complain about weather. It has been highly inconsistent. Wednesday saw a record-high temperature, and Thursday will see heavy snowfall. Both happen to be equally uncomfortable for most of the people. According to NWS meteorologist Tim Morrin, the drastic change of weather is far from unexpected, even though it surely is unusual. Warm air mass will make New York City colder and turn precipitation to snow. The cold air masses, on the other hand, will come from the North to push out a low pressure.

The weather NYC is expected to experience on Thursday may cheer up children
Children and adults sled in a Brooklyn park on January 8, 2017 in New York City. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Steve Fybish is a New York weather historian who keeps weather records as old as those in the 19th century. According to him, such a weather in the city is definitely now unusual. In 1984, there was a 70-degree afternoon and a snowstorm within a couple of days. Even in 1896, a November day saw 5 inches of snow soon after 69 degrees, the New York Times reported.


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The weather NYC is expected to experience on Thursday may, however, cheer up children who wanted a break. This will also mean that they will have a great opportunity to play in the snow.

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