Nick Viall Defends Contestant Corinne Olympios: Could She Be The One?

Nick Viall won’t send Corinne Olympios home, and the fans just can’t figure out why. It does seem like Nick is really into Corinne despite the fact that she has a nanny at home. People shared that Nick is actually defending Corinne and her nanny as well. This has everyone wondering if she might be the one that he picks in the end. Nick Viall does obviously care about her.

At this point, Nick Viall is down to six women, and Corinne is one of them. Nobody thought she would make it this far, but she is still there sticking around. Taylor Nolan accused Olympios of being too “emotionally immature” to handle a relationship and Nick is sharing his thoughts on this one.

“I think a general rule of thumb is that I don’t think anyone is in any position to tell someone whether they’re ready for a relationship outside the two people in that relationship. If I decide that I don’t think it’s the right fit, well, I’m part of that relationship so I have a right to make that judgment, and so does Corinne. I think when other people start saying: ‘Well, I don’t think you guys are right [for each other],’ you know, that’s not really [their] business. It’s irrelevant.”

Now if Corinne makes it clear to the hometown dates, Nick will get the chance to meet her nanny Raquel. Of course, he was smart and wasn’t spoiling anything. He wouldn’t share if he met her or not, but Viall did share his thoughts on the fact that Corinne has a nanny at home.

“Maybe [I’ve met Raquel], maybe I haven’t. But I think probably in fairness to both Corinne and Raquel, maybe ‘nanny’ is not the most accurate description of the role she plays. From what I gathered … Raquel is someone who has worked for the family. Quite honestly, her family has been through some things and Raquel has played a very positive role. Corinne, not taking herself too seriously, has fun with the word ‘nanny’ and then people run wild with it.”

There is one Bachelor theory that everyone is tweeting about right now. Nick Viall also responded to that one, and Huffington Post shared about it. People are talking about how Donald Trump won the election and that the Patriots won the Super Bowl, so maybe that means that Corinne will pull off a win on The Bachelor. That would be pretty shocking, but everyone really did expect Nick to send her home by now. Nick shared that people either love or hate Corinne. Obviously, he likes her or he wouldn’t still be keeping her around on the show. Nick won’t say if she wins or not, but he did share his thoughts on her.

“In that world, ‘villain’ can simply be a label given to someone who doesn’t conform. There are these unwritten rules in Bachelor Nation… I never follow those rules. You don’t see Corinne, and quite honestly you don’t see other people always following the rules, either. But, personally for me, if you are truly genuine about making real connections, then you don’t worry about silly things like unwritten rules or how you might come across to Bachelor Nation or if you’re going to rub someone the wrong way. If you’re truly genuine, you are going for it. You’re putting yourself out there at the risk of getting criticism because all you can really do is focus on the relationships in front of you and try to make some real connections.”

Are you surprised to hear Nick Viall sticking up for Corinne? Do you think that she will end up being his final pick? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Nick Viall on Monday nights on The Bachelor. Nick Viall is getting down to the final girls and it won’t be long before he reveals who wins.

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