‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer’s Weight Loss Has Fans Concerned

As fans of Teen Mom 2 know all too well, single mother of three – Leah Messer – is frequently the target of a fair amount of criticism. While it is usually her parenting skills fans of the MTV series tend to harp on, it is her weight that currently has fans concerned.

Via social media, a number of Leah Messer’s fans have started to express concern for her very thin body. While some of the comments regarding Leah’s weight have been harsh and negative in nature – most appear to express genuine concern for the reality television star.

Two days ago, Leah Messer took to Instagram to share two side-by-side pictures of herself in two different dressing. In the caption of the picture she was asking her fans for advice on which dress she looked better in. Per Ok! Magazine, the Teen Mom 2 star did not exactly get the feedback she was hoping for.

“Not trying to bring judgmental, but you look very ill. [I don’t know] if you’re struggling with an eating disorder, but please get healthy for yourself and your family. I wish you the best,” one fan said in the comment’s section of the picture Leah shared.

Which one ??? ????

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Another fan pointed out the fact that body shaming was not just when a person was overweight and those who were commenting on the fact that Leah was “too skinny” were body shaming her.

She did, however, get some feedback from her fans who – for the most part – appeared to find the black dress to be more flattering. Some fans also reassured Leah that she looked beautiful and she should just ignore the haters.

As most Teen Mom 2 fans know too well, this isn’t the first time Leah Messer has been criticized for her extreme weight loss. A year ago, Leah shared a photo of herself wearing a bikini. It didn’t take long for fans to start to leave comments regarding shock and concern for her tiny frame. Is she just naturally skinny? Was she losing an unhealthy amount of weight? Did she have an eating disorder? These were the questions on Teen Mom 2 fans’ minds.

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Rumors that Messer struggles with some form of eating disorder tend to surface at least once a month. Per Hollywood Gossip, these Teen Mom 2 rumors never seem to be based on anything more than Leah’s thing frame. Despite the fact that fans preferred the way Leah looked in the black dress, she decided to wear the pink one.

Another fan commented with the picture about how much Leah had changed since Teen Mom 2 started airing.

“You seem to have lost so much weight and look so stressed. And you act so much different too. You were my favorite for a long time.”

As most Teen Mom 2 fans know, the past few years have been pretty rough on Messer. Leah and her first husband Corey Simms – the father of her twin daughters — divorced. She did meet, marry, and have a third daughter with Jeremy Calvert. Jeremy and Leah, however, were unable to make their marriage work and ended up getting a divorce as well. Around the same time Leah divorced Jeremy, she checked into rehab and engaged in a heated custody battle for her twins with Corey.

Do you think Leah Messer has lost an unhealthy amount of weight? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section found down below.

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