Paris Metro Explosion: Line 6 ‘Accident’ Not Terrorist Attack – No Bomb [Photos]

There has been a big explosion on the Paris Metro that left many people being evacuated from the Paris station, according to the Daily Mail. The huge explosion was the result of an electrical fire, reports the publication, which also noted that Paris was on high alert, due to initial fears that the explosion might not be merely an electrical fire. However, the explosion was not terror-related. The French capital has reports coming out of it that at least eight people have been hurt in the explosion that occurred on Line 6 — close to the Paris Metro station named Place d’Italie. At the current time, Paris authorities could be seen around the Metro station, south of Paris, as seen in the below photos.

The below tweet from Remy Buisine, a journalist in Paris who covers breaking news event, states that the fire in Paris is under control and that it was an “accident” in origin, with eight people poisoned — likely by chemical or smoke inhalation.

“Fire at the Place d’Italie metro – Accidental origin – Fire under control – 8 people affected, including several for poisoning.”

The Twitter account called Police Headquarters @ prefpolice, which is the official Twitter account of the prefecture of police that serves “the public in Paris and the first crown” urged people not to relay false rumors in the accidental explosion — likely not wanting anyone to think the explosion was the result of terrorism. Instead, they claim the fact are that the explosion was an accident with two people slightly “intoxicated.” The presumption is the people were overcome by fumes and not intoxication as due to alcohol.

# Subway line 6. Do not relay false rumors. The facts are accidental, 2 people slightly intoxicated.”

Other Twitter users also posted photos of fire trucks in Paris, as seen below.

As seen on the Facebook page of the U.S. Department of State: Consular Affairs, the reports of the explosion in the Paris Metro prompted suggestions to monitor local Parisian news reports, since the cause of the blast was not known.

“In # Paris? Reports of explosion is underground near Place d’Italie station. Cause unknown. Monitor local news.”

With Paris previously suffering a horrific terrorist attack at the Bataclan Theatre, as reported by Fox News, and at the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, folks are urging others not to spread the news that Wednesday’s explosion in Paris was some kind of terrorist attack.

As explained on their Facebook page, the Place d’Italie “is a rapid transit station of the Paris Métro located in the heart of the 13th arrondissement of Paris, at the Place d’Italie. It is the terminus of Line 5 and is also served by Line 6 and Line 7.”

As seen in the top photo above from January 7, 2015, a crowd of people gathered to mourn those who lost their lives in Paris during a terrorist attack against the newspaper named Charlie Hebdo in Paris. That terrorist attack occurred when two brothers killed people at the publication’s building due to what Islamic State extremists claimed was in retaliation Charlie Hebdo publishing cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad.

Reactions to the explosion in Paris can be seen in comments below.

“Before anyone starts tweeting tonight: the Paris blast was an electrical fault. Okay, Mr. President?”

“What happened in the in is due to an electrical fire. It’s not terror related, please don’t spread .”

The explosion at the Paris Metro station interrupted travel, and as noted by the Daily Mirror seen below, ignited fresh terror fears in some people in Paris, while others remained unafraid as seen in the below tweet.

[Featured Image by Thibault Camus/AP Images]