Roman Reigns Tweets Mixed Message – Turning WWE Heel Or Demanding Respect?

The latest tweet from WWE’s Roman Reigns spawned a theory that Reigns is turning heel, but could that tweet mean something entirely different? The same words that have WWE fans thinking Reigns is finally ready to turn heel could also mean he is no longer going to take the boos in silence.

Has the tide turned for Reigns, with this tweet being just the first wave of his new WWE strategy of finally demanding some respect from the fans? The guy is the total package when it comes to muscle and looks and even though the fans boo him, they flock to do so. This makes Reigns quite the draw for the WWE – good or bad.

The WWE had plenty of chances for Reigns to turn heel, a position that One India cites he previously held as a member of the Shield. Many of the big names in the WWE see turning Reigns heel as the only way to save his WWE career. It seems Vince McMahon has been against traveling down that road, as he continues to hold much higher aspirations for Reigns.

Wrestling Inc. suggests turning Reigns into a villain could actually make Reigns one of the WWE’s biggest stars. They also remind their readers that this is every WWE wrestler’s goal, to be a WWE superstar. “No matter if one is “fish or fowl,” the end goal is getting tagged a superstar in the sport. They don’t see another way for Reigns to make it to the top unless the WWE pulls off “a great heel run” for the guy.

So what about this tweet that Reigns posted? It appears to offer a hint that WWE is turning Reigns heel, according to One India. You can see the tweet below, but it can be taken in more than one way. It is a glass half full or half empty-type of deal coming from Reigns.

If Reigns does win when he steps into the ring with the Undertaker at WWE’s WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, he would walk away the villain. Not just a villain, but a major villain for taking down one of the most loved wrestlers in the WWE. This is how Wrestling Inc. sees Reigns rocketing into villain status at WrestleMania.

While the tweet above does seem to contain the words of a wrestler turned heel, it could also harbor the thoughts of a wrestler finally demanding the respect he’s lacking from the WWE fans. An article from Fox News suggests that Reigns take a lesson from NBA’s Lebron James, when recently “retired NBA legend Charles Barkley had some choice words about the recent gameplay of three-time NBA champion LeBron James.” He did something not at all expected.

James, who is not someone known to attack anyone personally, broke his mold and chewed up Barkley’s words then spit them out right back at him. He threw Barkley’s own inappropriate behavior in his face. James also shamed him by comparing Barkley’s less than desirable behavior to his own stellar behavior on and off the courts. Fox saw this as James demanding respect.

Fox suggests that Reigns should do pretty much the same thing. The next time Reigns is met by boos in the ring, he should give it back and demand that fans respect him. Fox even drafted something along the lines that they would like to see Reigns say to those booing him.

“You want to boo me? That’s fine. At WrestleMania 33, I’ll take your icon and I’ll beat him just like I did at the Royal Rumble. I’ll take your hero and I’ll break him. I’m younger, stronger, and faster and he knows it. When I defeat The Undertaker on the biggest stage of them all you might still boo me but you WILL respect me. Believe. That.”

Reigns shouldn’t ask for the WWE world’s respect, he needs to demand it. At the same time he needs to find the right level of anger for his delivery so he doesn’t come off as going full heel. Was he testing the water with his latest tweet about being the “baddest man to step foot in WWE?” Is he demanding respect or offering up a precursor to going heel?

There’s much confusion about Reigns’ place in the WWE, with some seeing him hanging in there long enough for fans to come around to liking him. Then there are others who suggest making him into a villain and getting it over with. Either way, it seems everyone agrees – WWE good guy or WWE bad guy, Reigns is destined for greatness.

[Featured Image by Paul A. Hebert/AP Images]