Gigi Hadid Is Immortalized As A Barbie Doll

Gigi Hadid is a living doll—literally. The oldest daughter of Mohamed and Yolanda Hadid has been replicated as a Barbie doll. Just ahead of her Tommy Hilfiger runway show in Los Angeles, supermodel Gigi Hadid posted a pic of her toy mini-me to Instagram, and there's no doubt about it: Mattel's doll makers got it right.

"Can' t believe that's me!" Gigi captioned the pic. But one look and it's clear the doll wasn't made from a typical Barbie mold. The doll doesn't have the typical features of the mass produced Mattel darling. In fact, this unique doll is an exact, mini-model of Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid's new Barbie depicts the 21-year-old supermodel's eye shape and wavy highlighted blonde locks and is sporting Hilfiger gear. You can just how much different the Gigi doll looks than a regular Barbie in the picture below.

This is not the first time Gigi Hadid has been immortalized in doll form. According to People, in December, fans honored Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid by creating mini knockoffs of the sisters' runway lingerie looks and putting them on blonde and brunette Barbies. The labor of love commemorated the Hadid sisters' Victoria's Secret Fashion Show bookings.

While the Barbie brand is often synonymous with unrealistic body types, Gigi Hadid has always had a healthy body image. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Gigi said she wants to be a healthy role model for young girls.

"When I was growing up, I was really athletic and I had a very athletic body, like, my thighs were huge but they were like rock," Gigi told the newspaper.

"I had like crazy muscles and I ate like a man…Once I started modeling, one of my things was like, 'OK, like, yeah, I don't need to be a man volleyball player, but I also don't want to be like, two pounds soaking wet… I can have like, you know, the body for a certain runway show if I need to, but that doesn't mean that I'm doing it in an unhealthy way."
Hadid said she doesn't ever want to be a cookie-cutter type.

"If you just kind of embrace yourself, like, other people accept you in the same way," Gigi told Daily Mail Australia. "And I think that's really cool, to tell other people...that you don't always have to go with the cookie-cutter version of what people tell you you're supposed to be."

While Gigi Hadid's doll is definitely not a cookie-cutter Barbie, it seems being commemorated as the iconic doll is becoming a bit of a rite of passage for today's young stars. According to Vogue, other celebs who've received the toy treatment include plus size model Ashley Graham and actress-singer Zendaya. The dolls, part of the company's "Shero" series, have been praised for their realistic features. Graham's doll was unveiled last fall and it was made to her measurements, a refreshing change from the usual Barbie figure.

Zendaya's doll replicated the actress's look at the 2015 Oscars, complete with a tiny Vivienne Westwood-style white gown, pearl drop earrings, and dreadlocked hair. In a post on her Instagram account, the former Shake It Up star posted a side by side of herself and her pint-sized namesake and revealed that when she was a little girl, she couldn't find a Barbie that looked like her. The teen star described the doll as very special and she thanked Mattel for allowing her to be part of the "diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty."

In addition to Gigi Hadid, other big names who have Mattel dolls created in their likeness include Kristin Chenoweth, Gabby Douglas, and Ava DuVernay.

What do you think of the Gigi Hadid Barbie doll?

[Featured Image by Randy Brooke/Getty Images for Tommy Hilfiger]