Justin Bieber Gets Shirtless In Selfies Spree On Recently Reactivated Instagram

Justin Bieber really is back on Instagram.

Cue the pop icon delighting fans with an Instagram spree on Wednesday, which included two shirtless snaps and tons of glimpses into the Canadian’s daily life.

The Biebs’ official return to Instagram actually happened last Friday (February 3), just one day after he made his debut in a T-Mobile ad which also ran during the Super Bowl.

Because of the commercial tie-in and the fact that the ad was the superstar’s only post for days afterward, many Justin Bieber fans thought the 22-year-old’s ‘gram comeback was just business and that his team was running his Instagram account.

Even if that had been the case, could anyone really blame Bieber for not diving straight into interacting with fans on Instagram, after the bullying and unpleasantness he endured on the photo-sharing site from some fans and his ex Selena Gomez last August?

Fortunately for Beliebers, the Grammy winner’s past comments about Instagram being “for the devil,” and understandable reluctance to jump in online seems to have lessened with time.

So to the Biebs’ first personal post this year.

Not surprisingly, with his Purpose World Tour set to resume in just six days, the singer shared an overview of his schedule, which includes stadiums.

The second snap is an old-school Justin Bieber selfie.

The singer is seen fully clothed in front of a full-length mirror.

Next. A shirtless selfie.

The brooding, buzzcut heartthrob appears to be sitting up in bed for this snap.

The fourth photo is reminiscent of the Biebs’ fetus years.

It’s a close-up of the “Love Yourself” singer’s face, who is wearing black-rimmed glasses in the shot and pouting adorably.

No surprise to see Bieber posting a picture of himself with various players from the NHL All-Star celebrity shootout he took part in last week alongside famous names, including Cuba Gooding and Ken Baker.

Ice-hockey legends such as Wayne Gretsky, Rob Gronowski, and more were also on hand.

Notably, the game was in aid of charity.

Six photos in, and the Biebs breaks out his first smile.

The goofy shot shows the beanie-clad singer playfully sticking one finger up the nose of longtime pal, and business partner, John Shahidi.

It’s not known if the photo is old or new, but it’s doubtful any fans care.

Justin is pensive in his seventh selfie, which is also the only black-and-white photo in the Instagram spree.

The next pic which features Bieber and two pals seated at a dinner table, touching first in what appears to be a prayer moment.

The singer’s caption reads, “Weirdest moment.”

Is there such a thing as too many shirtless Justin Bieber selfies?

If your answer is “yes,” you probably shouldn’t be reading a news article about him. For those who replied “no” — feast away.

Based on Bieber’s bleached-blonde hair in the tenth snap, this shot was taken some time last year.

The melancholy-looking singer is seen in a recording studio with another person just out of shot.

It’s unclear whether or not the studio is a mobile set-up Justin recorded in during his Purpose Tour.

More details emerge in the 11th photo. It turns out the Biebs was in the studio with famed Dutch producer-DJ Martin Garrix.

The pair are pals and share a mutual manager in Scooter Braun. Justin and Martin will be tour together later this year during the Australian and New Zealand stadium leg of the Purpose Tour, when Garrix joins as one of the support acts.

What’s one more selfie?

The singer shared another image of himself early Thursday morning.

And there is one more photo to add to the spree. It’s a photo of the Biebs and his pal, Patrick Schwarzenegger. The duo recently vacationed together in the Caribbean.

The pic was saved by various Bieber fan accounts.

Currently, Bieber has 77.2 million followers. While that’s a middling figure compared to other superstar follower counts, a recent parse of the singer’s best Instagram posts of 2016 revealed they received over 1.1 billion “likes” in total.

Any bets on how many more Justin Bieber’s selfies will generate in 2017?

[Featured Image By Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]