Amy Duggar In ‘Marriage Boot Camp,’ Talks Being Abused By Male Relative

Amy Duggar, the black sheep cousin of the famous 19 Kids and Counting Duggar family, is barely more than a newlywed. After a whirlwind two-month engagement to now-hubby Dillon King, the pair were married in September of 2015. However, despite their short romantic relationship (or perhaps because of it), the couple began seeking professional help to get their rocky romance in check just seven months after they said “I do.”

In the case of Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon, their marriage counseling is coming in the form of some reality TV marital rehab. Not particularly shocking given that Amy has largely grown up within the scope of the reality TV spotlight. The young couple is currently featured on the WE network’s series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and, reportedly, being on the show brought some old wounds to light.

As Fox News reports, Amy Duggar has been talking about an instance of abuse that allegedly took place at the hands of a male relative. So far, that male relative has not been named publicly. However, Amy Duggar has taken to social media to reassure her fans and the world that she’s not talking about her new husband.

Because the name of the relative who allegedly abused Amy Duggar has not been made public yet (folks expect the abuser’s identity to be revealed on Marriage Boot Camp), there has already been widespread speculation regarding who the Duggar who abused her could be.

Because Amy Duggar already eliminated her husband as her alleged abuser, some have thrown the name of cousin Josh Duggar out there as the male relative who attacked her. Josh Duggar grew up in the spotlight on 19 Kids and Counting, but he really rose to notoriety last year when it was revealed that he had admitted to sexually abusing four of his own younger sisters in his late teens, as well as a neighbor girl.

Things got even worse for married Amy Duggar cousin Josh when his involvement in the cheating website Ashley Madison was revealed. It was widely reported that Josh had paid women for sex and paid for an upgraded Ashley Madison account that purportedly guaranteed an affair. Josh Duggar ultimately underwent months of in-patient sex therapy and is currently being sued by the Los Angeles DJ whose photos he allegedly stole and used for his cheating profile.

According to Amy Duggar, the abuse she endured at the hands of an as-yet-unknown male relative was not sexual in nature, but physical. Apparently an isolated incident, at least according to the Marriage Boot Camp teaser trailer, Amy Duggar says that the male relative grabbed her by the throat and pressed her up toward the ceiling while still choking her.

According to Duggar, she was unprepared to make the admission of physical abuse while participating in the celebrity marriage counseling experience, but she’s glad she had the opportunity to hash it out. However, Amy Duggar has said that she wishes she hadn’t been in front of a rolling camera when she made the admission.

“I’m grateful I had the opportunity.I wished I could have done it behind closed doors… It’s not that I regret saying his name… Well, I regret talking about it on camera, but it’s something that just literally blew out of my mouth and the doctors could tell that I was bothered by something.”

According to Amy, she was asked a question and the previously untold story of childhood abuse simply slipped out. Amy Duggar also added that her alleged abuser has been made aware of her allegations, and that that person is having a “hard time” forgiving her for blasting him on TV.

“Who hurt you when you were a little girl? Who was someone that first brought you pain? And this person — I tried to hide it, I did. But the doctors were like, ‘No, there’s something there. There’s something bothering you.'”

Talking about her alleged childhood abuse at the hands of a male relative wasn’t the only shocking thing that Amy Duggar has let slip during her on-camera marriage counseling experience. As International Business Times reports, the Duggar cousin (who confirmed tabloid rumors that she’s the “born out of wedlock” Duggar, reports Huffington Post) also reportedly verbally attacked her husband Dillon in a shocking outburst during the filming of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

In the outburst, which happened during Episode 5 of the show, Amy Duggar told her husband that he treats her like a child and “it sucks.” Then she went on to compare their post-argument sex life to “rape.”

“It sucks being treated like a child. When you treat me like a child, I feel like I’m being raped by an older man. It sucks being treated like a child. If you treat me like a child, then we’re not gonna have sex – end of the story.”


As for Dillon King, hubby to Amy Duggar, he hasn’t publicly responded to her assertion that he wasn’t getting any more sex if he kept treating her “like a child.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with Amy and Dillon Duggar is currently airing each Friday on WE.

[Featured Image by Amy King/Instagram]