WWE Pulls Off Greatest Trolling Yet And It’s Not Roman Reigns?

The WWE is like a finely orchestrated play, with just about every detail scripted to flow smoothly into the next. Some people who are in tune with the WWE’s inner workings believe this is what is going on with Roman Reigns as he continues on with his WWE career through the boos and jeers. They believe what you see is what you are meant to see with the constant booing of Reigns.

While the trolling of Reigns is the most intense to ever come down the pike for the WWE, there is another act of trolling going on, and some say it’s even more involved than what the WWE has done to Reigns. Fox News cites how the art of trolling, as perfected by the WWE, is mostly kept to the social media sites, and it is done the majority of the time to “get a reaction.”

What you see happening with Reigns is meant to get a reaction. Today there’s another reaction coming from fans when it has to do with the trolling of Emma, or Emmalina. WWE’s Emma in her Emmalina vignettes is a bit different than what is seen from Reigns, but they are both done to keep the fans coming back, and it is working. As you can see below in a few posts from social media, fans are talking about the broken promises of Emma’s return. They just cannot believe that she is coming back until they actually see her in the ring.

It all started when Emma was cleared by her medical provider to go back into the ring after back surgery. She supposedly waited and waited for the WWE to bring her back, but with each new event, the promise of that seemed further and further away. The perils of Emma started to take shape after she tweeted the message below to her fans.

Emma, who is the first Australian woman to become a WWE superstar, sounds quite forlorn in this tweet that was posted on September 19. It was on October 3 when the WWE got out their big guns to present even more of the perils of Emma. The WWE started to release short vignettes about Emma that suggested she was embarking on some type of makeover.

What A Culture suggests, “the longest makeover in recorded human history is almost complete,” when referring to what the WWE has Emma doing these days. The last time Emma was seen at a WWE event was back in May. It was a week after that when the news was released she suffered a back injury during a live event. So, it has been since May of 2016 that the WWE fans of Emma have been awaiting her return. Her return has been teased many times as seen below in a tweet back from January. While it sounded like she’d be there, she wasn’t.

When it came to the vignettes, the first one and maybe even the second one captured the attention of WWE fans, but even too much of a good thing can get boring. This is especially true when these short clips would offer up debut dates for Emma, which would come and go without so much as a whisper of the diva.

The only question these trolling tools didn’t answer was when Emma would make her way back into the ring. She was due to show up on Raw back in December, but that came and went without so much as a mention of Emma.

Again the vignettes show up with “premiering soon” as the tagline. So what is the deal with all this? Fox News answers that question below.

“This is just WWE’s latest trolling, folks, and it’s working to perfection with fans speculating every week, if this is going to be when Emmalina finally shows up. They work everyone up with the vignettes just hoping that ‘premiering next week’ appears on their screens, only to get everyone riled up, in the end, to see ‘premiering soon’ pop up yet again. It makes for one gigantic trolling.”

With the Raw Women’s Division looking so thin these days, you would think Emma would be done with the vignettes and getting back to work, but so far that hasn’t happened. Now with WrestleMania 33 set to go off in April, many wonder if this is where Emma will finally get into the ring.

Roman Reigns has had his share of trolling for sure, and if you looked up “WWE Trolling” in a pop culture dictionary, many wouldn’t be surprised to see Reigns front and center in a picture as the best example. At the 2017 Royal Rumble, the WWE tried to rile up the crowd using Reigns, who always manages to bring on a loud chorus of boos.

While the WWE strings the fans along about Emma, there doesn’t seem to be any set plans to bring her back, suggests Fox News. Although it was announced on Monday night’s Raw that Emma would return next week when they air from Las Vegas, Emma will return from her makeover as Emmalina. The WWE is also promoting the debut of Emmalina after the makeover of Emma on Twitter, as seen below in a tweet.

You can just hear the collective sighs from around the nation and the chorus of “I’ll believe it when I see it” coming from WWE fans from every corner of the globe.

[Featured Image by Todd Williamson/AP Images]