Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna Post Sexy Pics And Cryptic Notes: Competing For Drake?

Instagram just keeps getting hotter, thanks to first Jennifer Lopez and now Rihanna. Drake’s current and past girlfriends are sizzling in their increasingly hot photos. Now both Jennifer and Rihanna have posted cryptic messages along with more sexy pictures: Are they all directed at Drake?

Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Drake are caught up in the celebrity world’s newest love triangle, according to Life & Style. It’s only been weeks since Drake and Lopez confirmed their romance on social media. But now sources quoted by the publication said the rapper is attempting to renew his relationship with Rihanna at the same time as he’s romancing Jennifer.

Jennifer Lopez strikes a red carpet pose.

“[Lopez] and Drake were having a great time and getting serious, but Drake had a change of heart. He’s been in contact with Rihanna, and he has his heart set on winning her back,” said one of the sources.

“Drake cares about J. Lo, but he misses Rihanna.”

However, Jennifer’s romance with the rapper was getting increasingly serious, and another source revealed that he has even spent time at her home and met her children.

“Drake has been hanging out at Jennifer’s new house in Bel Air. He has been there several times and is getting to know her kids,” revealed the insider.

The source said that Lopez’s new boyfriend and her children “have a lot of fun together.” Jennifer’s youngsters “really like him,” according to the insider, who revealed that they enjoy “having him around.”

With the rapper fitting so well into Lopez’s household, will she be left with a broken heart if Drake romances someone else? The source shared that although Jennifer continues to “care” about him, her attitude is more relaxed.

“Drake and [Jennifer Lopez] still hang out and hook up, but they aren’t so serious anymore.”

Moreover, Lopez is so busy that she “truly doesn’t have time to sit around thinking about Drake professing his love for Rihanna,” according to the source. And she’s also allegedly got more men in her life to think about than Drake as well.

An insider told the publication that Marc Anthony, her ex and the dad of her eight-year-old twins Max and Emme, feels “absolutely devastated” about Jennifer’s newest romance.

“[Marc Anthony] has never stopped loving [Jennifer Lopez]. He wants her back.”

That leaves the question of deciphering those cryptic notes and sexy photos that both Lopez and Rihanna have been posting. Do Drake’s gal pals Instagram accounts reveal more than they’re willing to confess, with Jennifer possibly thinking of one of her exes rather than the rapper?

Turning to Instagram, Lopez got her fans speculating about what it meant when she shared a cryptic note about timing, reported ET.

“Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will, and for the right reasons.”

And the cryptic messages didn’t stop there. Jennifer also shared that on Instagram that “good things just keep happening,” while keeping the good photos for her fans coming with even more sexy photos.

But Rihanna didn’t stay behind Lopez in the posting of cryptic messages and steamy pictures for long.

Drake escorts Rihanna.

In Touch noted that the songstress kept her own Instagram followers entranced by coyly posting only the very top part of what looks like her naked body along with the lyrics of her song Calvin Harris.

There was speculation that “what you came for” in Rihanna’s caption was addressed to Drake. A source close to her revealed to the publication that Rihanna views the rapper’s romance with Jennifer Lopez, who once was her friend, as the “ultimate betrayal,” because Rihanna had even told Lopez about her romance.

“Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends,” said the insider.

“[Rihanna has] even confided in [Lopez] about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years. Rihanna is very hurt.”

However, Lopez began her relationship with Drake only after he and Rihanna split, according to the publication. Jennifer had ended her romance with her backup dancer beau Casper Smart as well prior to her new romance with the rapper.

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