‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: What To Expect From Nick Viall In Week 7

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers are running wild after an intense and shocking Week 6. Fans watched as Season 21 star Nick Viall sent home six women in the span of one episode, cutting his prospects for love in half. By the end of the episode, all the drama and eliminations had taken a huge toll on Viall, and he had a bit of an emotional breakdown. This led to him tell the remaining women that he was seriously questioning if he would be able to find love with any of them.

Warning: Major spoilers for The Bachelor Season 21 below.

Bachelor spoilers for Week 7 are just as dramatic. According to Blasting News, Nick Viall will have three one-on-one dates in Monday’s new episode. This means that half of the women left will get some serious alone time with Viall, but the report reveals that one of them will be sent home during the date.

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Vanessa, Danielle M., and Rachel are the lucky women who allegedly get chosen for one-on-one dates with Nick Viall during Week 7. While Vanessa and Rachel have been frontrunners, Danielle’s connection with Nick has been questioned over the past few episodes of Season 21. Now, the Bachelor star will have a tough choice to make. Both Vanessa and Rachel are said to receive roses from Viall during their dates. However, it seems Danielle M. won’t be so lucky, and Nick will give her the boot during their alone date. Of course, Danielle will be completely devastated about being eliminated, and it will show on her face.

During the rose ceremony, this will leave Raven, Corrine, and Kristina on the chopping block, and whoever doesn’t get the rose that night will be excluded from the coveted hometown dates that the final four get to endure towards the end of the season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it’s rumored that Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, and Corrine will be Nick Viall’s Season 21 final four. This means that Kristina, who brought Nick to tears with the story of her childhood and how she came to America during Episode 6, will be eliminated. This also means that Corrine will win a hometown date, and fans will get to see where she lives and meet her family, which will likely include her ever popular nanny, Raquel, as well.

Meanwhile, during Episode 7 of The Bachelor, as Nick Viall tries to get his emotions and head back in the game, Corrine will devise a plan of her own. Corrine will get dressed up and head to Nick’s bedroom for some intimate alone time with him. Corrine makes no secret that she is there to get sexual with Nick, but rumor has it that Viall turns her away from his bed in the episode.

The Bachelor Nick Viall Season 21 spoilers
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Despite Corrine’s best efforts, it’s rumored that she’ll be the first of the final four to be eliminated, and that Rachel will follow soon after, leaving Vanessa and Raven as the final two women standing in hopes of receiving the final rose and an engagement ring from Nick Viall. While nothing has been confirmed, speculation is flying that Nick chooses Vanessa Grimaldi, the special education teacher from Canada, as the winner of The Bachelor Season 21. However, will Nick and Vanessa be able to make it last? Fans won’t know anything until the finale airs on ABC, followed by the After The Rose live special.

What are your thoughts on the latest spoilers and news on The Bachelor 2017? Are you shocked by Nick Viall’s dramatic elimination process in Season 21 so far?

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