Kate Moss ‘Gets Comfortable’ For Naked Photo Shoot

What compelled Kate Moss to 'get comfortable' with nude photo shoots

Cate Moss recently stripped down for a naked and sexy photo shoot for W Magazine and later talked about what convinced her to get comfortable with posing nude.

Moss went completely nude for the shoot, baring it all for the camera. A photo from the shoot reveals the 43-year-old showing off her sexy body in a very raunchy pose in which she appeared to be taking off a shiny golden jacket. The model shamelessly exposes her whole body giving the camera quite a boob show, as well as a peek at her crotch. She tastefully managed to pull off the steamy shoot judging by how sexy it looked.

Moss has not always been comfortable posing while naked

Kate also opened up about her self-esteem issues in the past as well as not being confident enough to pose nude. The 43-year-old admitted that she did not like her body when she started out her modeling career. She stated that photographers usually asked her to take off her clothes so she eventually had to get comfortable with going nude.

What compelled Kate Moss to 'get comfortable' with nude photo shoots

“From the beginning, photographers always got me to take my clothes off, even though I don’t like my body at all. I just had to get comfortable with being naked,” Moss revealed.

Kate was once innocent

Kate has enjoyed a long modeling career but like everyone else, she also has an interesting story about her journey from the time she became a model. She was spotted at 14-years-old by a model scout while she was at an airport. She claims that she was so innocent at first and her mother did not believe in her. However, Kate went ahead and proved to everyone that she was more than qualified which is why she has enjoyed immense success and popularity in the modeling industry. She continues to model even at her age and does not intend to call it quits anytime soon.

Another photo from the same shoot with W Magazine features her clad in a pink see-through top while posing with a male model. Her sheer top flashed her nipples though it was not as revealing as the previous photo in which she was completely nude. Moss also appeared in another photo but this time she was joined by Taraji P. Henson, Jennifer Lopez, Donatella Versace, and Jessica Chastain. The A-listers posed for the cover photo of THE March edition of W Magazine.

Moss also talked opened up a bit about her love life in a video with W Magazine. She went down memory lane and reminisced about her first kiss as well as her celebrity crush. The 43-year-old revealed that Johnny Depp used to be her teenage crush. She must have tossed a coin into a wishing well because she ended up dating the Hollywood actor for four years. She also revealed that she had a crush on Rob Lowe while growing up and even had a poster of him in her bedroom.

What compelled Kate Moss to 'get comfortable' with nude photo shoots

“No. No. When I was growing up, I had a crush on Rob Lowe. I had a poster of him on my wall,” Kate told W Magazine.

Though she has experienced immense success during her career, the model has managed to stay off social media, thus creating a sense of mystery about her. Vogue Editor Anna Wintour recently stated that the fact that she remains off social media has somehow contributed to the model’s long and successful career. Kate has definitely come a long way as a model and she continues to dazzle and pose for the camera and what’s more, she is more comfortable with the idea of posing nude.

[Featured Image by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images]