Lauren Pope Treats Her Social Media Fans To Side Boob Show On A Beach In Dubai

Lauren Pope recently treated her fans on Instagram to a side boob show while clad in a skimpy bikini during her getaway in Dubai.

Pope posted a photo of herself having fun at a beach in Dubai. She showed off her fierce physique while clad in a very racy orange and black swimsuit. The 34-year-old decided to give her fans a peek courtesy of her swimsuit which had a very open design that left her underarms and side boob exposed. She recently broke up with Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers, and was clearly eager to show him what he was missing.

Pope takes over Dubai beach

Lauren’s sexy photo was taken while she was enjoying herself in Dubai. The photo features her standing in the water near the ocean shore while wearing nothing but the sexy outfit. Other than showing off some side boob, she also teased her pert derriere thanks to the fact that she posed with her body angled to one side. She was also alone in the photo though she was probably accompanied by a friend who took the photo.

Lauren Pope side boob show
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“Mondays ain’t so bad. Swimsuit from @triangl #dubai #swimwear #onepiece,” Lauren captioned her Instagram photo.

Lauren needed some time away from it all

Lauren opted to go for a Holiday in Dubai to escape everything after her bitter breakup with Chalmers. Aaron apparently refused to sort things out so that they could try and salvage the relationship perhaps because he felt that the best thing was to move on. It seems she chose the Emirates city as the best destination for her to let loose and unwind.

Other than the sexy photo of herself flaunting her side boob, the 34-year-old also posted a photo in which she also showed off her incredibly shapely body which is most likely the result of hours of hard work at the gym. The video features her walking around the beach while holding up her phone and recording the video herself. She even lowers the camera at some point so that her viewers could get a better view of her flat tummy and shapely derriere. She also looked like she was having lots of fun and was clearly excited to be there.

“A happy bunny right now…☀️ @triangl #dubai #triangl #swimwear,” Lauren captioned her Instagram video.

Lauren and Aaron ended their relationship about a month ago after they had a huge fight. There were claims that the Geordie Shore star spit food at Pope though he refuted those claims and dismissed them as just rumors, saying that he would never waste food. He was recently interviewed by The Sun and he stated that they broke up because of the long distance between them. He also added that he was still open to the idea of giving the relationship another chance. Chalmers also stated that he never cheated on his now ex-girlfriend during the time they dated.

Lauren Pope side boob show
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Aaron claims that some of the reports about their breakup have been exaggerated including the rumors that he also trashed their hotel room during their trip to Dubai. He claims that some of the photos of them showing public displays of affection were taken during the same night that they were allegedly fighting. The reality star argues that it does not make sense that they would have been fighting yet they were seen showing some PDA.

Unfortunately, despite taking a defensive stance on the matter, their relationships seems to have hit rock bottom and it is not clear whether they will try to get back together anytime soon. In the meantime, Lauren has been having a good time in Dubai while posting sexy photos of herself.

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