Ariel Winter Shares More Revealing Birthday Photos

Ariel Winter shares photos of revealing birthday dress

Ariel Winter wants all of her fans to know she’s grown now and isn’t afraid to dress like it. The Modern Family actress celebrated her 19th birthday at the end of January and has been sharing photos with fans this week.

Ariel first posted a photo and video from her birthday dinner several days ago, but has shared even more in the last day. She took to Instagram to upload photos showing off her birthday dress of choice, which was arguably very revealing even for Winter.

In the latest photo, Ariel is seen posing in her little black dress as she flaunts her legs in the racy look.

3 Aquarians + 1 Cancer

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It seems the actress wanted to show off her curves as she stood with one leg raised despite the dress having a revealing slit. Some of her fans liked the photo as it received almost 100,000 likes and people left comments such as “so hot.” However, some Instagram users were not impressed with Ariel’s outfit choice or the fact one of her friends flipped the middle finger to the camera.

“Smells like desperation”

“Flipping off the camera? He’s so cool!”

Ariel shared another look at her birthday dinner as she posed with friends. This time, however, she gave fans a glimpse at her cleavage instead. It seems she was set on showing as much skin as possible as she rang in her birthday January 28.

#tb to this ????

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Fox News reported on Ariel’s birthday bash as the site called it a “wild night out.” The article describes Winter’s photo and dress as she chose a barely-there look for her big day.

“The teen wore a mini dress with a very-high slit and low-cut neckline. The actress was surrounded by a gaggle of friends posing for the camera.”

Winter also shared a photo while kissing boyfriend Levi Meaden during her celebration, and Fox makes mention of the celebrities’ sizable age differences.

“In another post, the 19-year-old was kissing her much-older boyfriend, Levi Meaden, 29.”

Ariel posted the photo in honor of Man Crush Monday after Levi had posted the same image on January 28, her actual birthday.

Chickpea & Pinto Bean❣️#mcm

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Elite Daily discussed Ariel’s steamy pic with her boyfriend as the site said she showed off her bare butt.

“…Winter is at it again after she posted a sexual picture kissing Levi Meaden while showing off her bare butt. The 19-year-old posted the photo in celebration of ‘Man Crush Monday,’ proving she’s obviously the best girlfriend ever.”

The site also addressed Winter’s tendency for wearing scandalous outfits as she told her haters that she doesn’t care what they think of her choices.

“The 19-year-old has gone on record several times to say she doesn’t really care what you think about her revealing photos, including the slew of recent pics she’s posted of herself and her new boyfriend, Levi Meaden.”

Another site discusses Ariel’s work towards body-positivity as she campaigns for acceptance. She also called co-star Sofia Vergara an inspiration for accepting her curves.

“[Sofia] could see that I was struggling a little bit with how to deal with my body, and was always trying to give me advice.”

However, it seems Ariel has taken to embracing her body more and more as she shares revealing photos and discusses her breast reduction surgery. And while Winter is still working against haters and internet trolls, the site states it seems she’s finally getting past the negative comments.

“However, with recent pictures, it is clear that she is very comfortable in her own skin.”

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]