Mom Furious After Daycare Worker Caught On Camera Breastfeeding Her 3-Month-Old

Daycare worker caught breastfeeding infant without permission.

A North Carolina mom is furious and hoping for criminal charges to be filed after a daycare worker was caught on surveillance camera breastfeeding her 3-month-old son. That mother, Kaycee Oxendine, is also a daycare worker (she teaches preschool aged kids) at the same childcare facility, Carrboro Early School, as the woman caught breastfeeding her baby. According Oxendine, the disturbing incident took place on Friday; that’s when a fellow daycare worker (and her child’s care provider) told her that the baby was constipated.

Kaycee Oxendine says that that’s when the other daycare worker asked if she could have permission to breastfeed her 3-month-old son to see if it would give the baby some relief from his symptoms. As ABC 11 reports, the admittedly disgusted mom said no twice.

“She said that she had a son and did I want her to put my child to her breast and breastfeed? And I said no, that’s nasty. We don’t do things like that.”

Despite her refusal, the daycare worker was caught breastfeeding the 3-month-old later in the day, and the whole shocking incident was recorded on surveillance camera. Oxendine copied the video from the daycare facility’s security footage.

In the video, the daycare worker can be seen adjusting her top as she allows someone else’s child to latch onto and feed from her breast. The unauthorized breastfeeding incident reportedly only lasted several seconds. That’s when another daycare worker got up to leave the room, and the woman who allegedly engaged in breastfeeding with Oxendine’s son stopped what she was doing.

The daycare facility has been made aware of the disturbing incident. According to Carrboro Early School director Daron Council, another employee (perhaps the woman who got up to leave the room, ending the unauthorized and possibly illegal breastfeeding) reported the unsettling occurrence to her superiors. The daycare worker who was caught on tape engaging in the breastfeeding of Kaycee Oxendine’s infant son has reportedly been fired.

Despite the fact that the worker was licensed and had worked in childcare for over 10 years, Kaycee Oxendine says that simply losing her job isn’t punishment enough for what the woman did to Oxendine and her family.

“As a mom, you’ve taken something from me, because I wasn’t able to defend my child. I wasn’t there.”

According to Oxendine, not only did the woman (who had a 2-month-old son in the same class as her baby) cross a social taboo line, but the daycare worker also physically injured her 3-month-old in the process. As KATU 2 reports, Oxendine claims that when the daycare worker engaged in breastfeeding her 3-month-old, she triggered a serious allergy that forced her to seek emergency medical care for her son.

On Friday evening, hours after the daycare worker was caught breastfeeding a co-worker’s child without permission, that little boy had to be rushed to a local hospital. That’s because the infant, who had been a preemie, suffers from lactose intolerance. By breastfeeding the baby without his mother’s permission, the daycare worker allegedly triggered a serious adverse reaction to her milk. Before being taken to the hospital for evaluation, the infant was reportedly quite ill and throwing up due to his exposure to the lactose in the daycare worker’s breast milk.

“To me, a criminal act was committed against him. Not only did you put your breast to my son, you also made my son sick because he’s lactose intolerant. So you’ve put something in his body that his body can’t digest.”

According to the daycare facility director, nothing of this nature has ever (to his knowledge) occurred at one of his establishments. Immediately after being made aware of the unauthorized breastfeeding incident, Daron Council says he reported the situation to the Department of Health and Human Services and notified all parents whose children had been watched by the daycare worker in question.

The mother of the 3-month-old who reportedly fell ill after his unauthorized breastfeeding at the hands of the daycare worker says that she doesn’t blame the facility, but she is furious at the woman who dared nurse her infant without her permission, and she wants “justice.”

Police in Carrboro are investigating the bizarre and troubling incident. It has been reported that misdemeanor child abuse charges are being considered against the daycare worker caught breastfeeding her co-worker’s infant, but those charges have yet to be filed.

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