Surface Pro 5: Rumors Suggest April Release Date, USB-C & Surface Pen W/ Eraser

The Surface Pro 5 is one of the year’s most anticipated devices. Expected to be Microsoft’s best hybrid to date, the SP5 is rumored to have everything that it needs in order to dominate the emerging 2-in-1 tech industry this year. Recent speculations have continued to pour in about the device, and if these rumors prove true, there is a good chance that the Surface Pro 5 would be yet another runaway winner in 2017’s hybrid race.

Microsoft’s Surface line was not an overnight success like the iPhone. It took years before the Redmond-based tech giant has managed to find a perfect balance between the specs of the devices it releases and the software that goes with it. This all culminated with the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s current flagship, which was lauded by both critics and consumers alike as an excellent device in terms of both power and usability.

With this in mind, the Surface Pro 5 has some pretty big shoes to fill. Rumored for a Spring 2017 release date that would most likely coincide with Microsoft’s rollout of its highly anticipated Creators Update update on April 2017, the hype for the Surface Pro 5 remains an all-time high. This has been supported by Paul Thurott, a noted Microsoft analyst, who predicted that the Surface Pro 5 would indeed be released sometime in Spring 2017, according to a Trusted Reviews report.

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An April 2017 release date makes perfect sense for Microsoft, especially since launching the Surface Pro 5 together with the updated version of its operating system would enable to the tech giant to optimize the use of both its hardware and software at the same time. After all, there is simply no better way to promote the Creators Update than to release it with a device that is fully compatible with all Windows 10’s newest features.

As for the specs and features of the device itself, numerous rumors suggest that the Surface Pro 5 would be the tech giant’s most powerful hybrid machine yet. Speculations are high that the device would be equipped with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors and up to 16GB of RAM, coupled with a 4K screen and a massive battery. An LTE-capable version, which would allow Surface Pro 5 users to access the internet while on the go, is also rumored for the device, according to a TechRadar report.

One thing that has managed to capture the attention of numerous Microsoft fans, however, is the possible addition of USB-C. Rumors of USB-C charging have been emerging for months now, and the Surface Pro community has reacted very positively to the idea of a USB-C port being utilized for the upcoming device. After all, the Surface Pro line’s proprietary chargers are notoriously breakable. Thus, exchanging the aged connector with something more universal and durable would make the Surface Pro 5 even more attractive.

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The tech world is heading towards the USB-C era, with industry leaders such as Apple trailblazing the change towards the adoption of the faster, more stable port. Microsoft has so far not jumped in on the bandwagon, but with companies such as HP, Apple and multitudes of other smartphone manufacturers making the jump to USB-C, this year would be the perfect time for the Redmond-based tech giant to embrace the emerging trend.

Apart from the possible addition of a USB-C port to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, rumors are also high that the SP5’s stylus, the Surface Pen, would have a very notable upgrade. Apart from being rechargeable, the revamped Surface Pen for the upcoming device is also rumored to be equipped with an eraser function. While an eraser function to a stylus is not really new in the tech industry, the idea of Surface Pen users being able to undo their input by just flipping the stylus and using its back end has been received very warmly by fans of the device.

With each new speculation that comes out of the rumor mill, the Surface Pro 5 takes shape. Though Microsoft has not confirmed the specifics of the device, the power and capability of the Surface Pro 4 all but confirms the premise that the Surface Pro 5 would be a powerhouse machine capable of offering enterprise-grade productivity in a sleek, attractive, easy-to-carry package. Considering the Surface Pro line’s reputation, there is a pretty good chance that the SP5 would be Microsoft’s most successful device yet.

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