Johnny Depp’s Alleged Lavish Spending Habits Revealed

Johnny Depp has some quite lavish spending habits, it has been revealed. Depp is alleged to be spending $2 million and upwards each month, which has gotten him into some financial difficulties as of late.

It is being claimed that Johnny Depp has wine for his own “personal consumption” shipped from all over the world and this amounts to a cost of $30,000 each month, as the India Times reports. Depp has also had to purchase and maintain 14 homes at a cost of $75 million, which includes a French Chateau as well as some islands that are located in the Bahamas, according to USA Today.

The National Post has listed the extent of his home ownership and financial obligations, which include “a 45-acre chateau in the South of France, a chain of islands in the Bahamas, multiple houses in Hollywood, several penthouse lofts in downtown Los Angeles, and a fully-functioning house farm in Kentucky.”

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 17, 2016.
Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in St. Paul, Minnesota, on July 17, 2016. [Image by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp has also been spending a large amount of money on items like his 150-foot yacht, which cost $18 million, along with private jets. Luxury vehicles are reported to be a soft-spot for the actor and “acquiring and/or maintaining at least 45 luxury vehicles” has set Depp back millions. As an avid lover of music, Johnny Depp also owns 70 guitars.

In one of Depp’s more interesting expenditures, he was found to be such a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson that he was willing to relinquish $3 million dollars so that he could “blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author Hunter Thompson over Aspen, Colorado.”

It is also claimed that Depp collects so much art and Hollywood memorabilia that he has had to acquire 12 storage facilities to maintain all of the objects that Johnny Depp has been spending money on over the years. And he owns over 200 pieces of art, including works by Warhol, Basquiat, Modigliani, and Klimt.

Other things that Depp has been spending money on include security for himself and his family, which costs $150,000 each month, and $300,000 each month for his 40 staff members.

While Johnny Depp has been spending lot of money, he also earns quite a lot, and Forbes had him listed for two years running as Hollywood’s most overpaid actor. But Depp’s finances have only come to light because of a lawsuit filed against former business managers of his who work at The Management Group, and that lawsuit is for $25 million.

His attorneys have gone on record as saying that “as a result of years of TMG’s gross mismanagement and sometimes outright fraud, Mr. Depp lost tens of millions of dollars and has been forced to dispose of significant assets to pay for TMG’s self-dealing and gross misconduct.”

Johnny Depp and his attorneys also allege that The Management Group have paid themselves $28 million out of contingency fees and without any written agreement. They furthermore claim that TMG have not paid or filed Depp’s taxes on time, leaving him owing $5.7 million through penalties, and also were loaning his money to others without his consent. The money loaned is claimed to be in the millions.

Johnny Depp at 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' premiere in Hollywood, California on May 23, 2016.
Johnny Depp at 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' premiere in Hollywood, California on May 23, 2016. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

However, TMG decided to engage in battle with Johnny Depp and filed a cross-complaint, alleging that he lived a lifestyle that was much too lavish and one which he simply couldn’t afford. They have also deemed his accusations as “absurd and untrue.” The Management Group are asking for $560,000 back that came from credit card fees and unpaid commissions, it is alleged. The cross-complaint and countersuit, which is 31 pages long, also states that Depp has been living well under his means.

“For years, TMG repeatedly informed Depp and Elisa Christie Dembrowski (Depp’s sister and personal manager) and personal lawyer, Jake Bloom, that Depp was living beyond his means, and urged him to spend less and to sell certain expensive but unnecessary assets to repay loans and pay his taxes and living expenses.”

What do you think of Johnny Depp’s alleged spending habits and who do you think will win the lawsuit and why?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]