CNN’s Jake Tapper To Kellyanne Conway: Fake News? Why No Trump Mosque Tweet?

Kellyanne Conway and Jake Tapper of CNN are currently the talk of Twitter. As seen in the below videos, Jake’s interview with Kellyanne got pretty intense as Tapper pressed Conway on questions about President Donald Trump calling CNN “fake news,” among other insults. Kellyanne once again apologized to Tapper for the whole “Bowling Green massacre,” as reported by the Inquisitr. Jake also pressed Conway about why Mr. Trump has not published one tweet to date about Alexandre Bissonnette, the alleged Quebec City mosque shooter who took the lives of six people, as reported by the Inquisitr. “Are these victims any less dead?” asked Tapper of Conway.

Jake went on to ask Conway more about working for “a White House that calls us fake news for news reports they don’t like.” Kellyanne admitted that unlike her boss, she doesn’t view CNN as fake news. However, Conway claimed that every news outlet can get things wrong every once in a while. Kellyanne then launched into a story about some nameless reporter contacting Conway for a quote about a tweet that she allegedly published for Holocaust Remembrance. Then Conway claimed that the reporter hung their head in shame because the tweet was from a fake Conway Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Tapper pressed on, telling Conway that Mr. Trump is more a purveyor of fake news, specifically for claims as seen in the next video, whereby Mr. Trump claimed that the U.S. murder rate was the highest it has been in 45 or 47 years. Tapper fact-checked that claim, just like CNN did in the following video, and debunked it as wrong. Conway said she wasn’t sure where Mr. Trump got that exact number from and didn’t know if President Trump was referencing some specific area within the U.S. or not.

In the meantime, Twitter is making Jake’s name a continued trending topic, all due to Tapper’s heated interview with Kellyanne. More than 17,000 tweets under Tapper’s name flowed into Twitter soon after Jake’s interview with Kellyanne.


As White House Counselor to President Trump, Kellyanne claimed there was no “palace intrigue” or drama occurring behind the walls of the White House that the press needed to focus on — however, the more than 700,000 people following the “Rogue POTUS Staff” Twitter account might beg to differ with Conway.

As seen in the full CNN interview with Tapper questioning Conway, as reported by Mediaite, Jake played CNN footage of CNN reporters all around in the world, covering some of the same terrorist attacks that the White House claimed the media did not cover. As played in the CNN interview by Tapper, footage of Mr. Trump claiming that the media colluded to not focus on terrorist attacks around the world was brought up as a big issue by Jake, who said that some of his CNN colleagues risked their lives to cover terrorist stories around the world.


Conway continued to insist that some stories should be covered more by CNN, like more of Mr. Trump’s executive orders, beyond the heavy focus on the travel ban executive order. Jake countered that the travel ban executive order caused such chaos at airports that it was a big news story that deserved plenty of coverage on CNN.

Kellyanne retorted that the media uses certain words for Mr. Trump that they did not use for prior presidents. Feedback about Tapper’s interview with Conway is flowing into social media — and some of those comments about the heated interview can be read below.

“Jake Tapper….thanks but should have done it during campaign.”

“Media isn’t ‘ATTACKING’ TRUMP. Media is simply reporting what Trump says and does. Jake Tapper”

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